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Tribe Figgaz
Tribe Figgaz
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Band/artist history
Tribe figgaz ,consisting of 4 members , Lil A, Lil T ,Yung Breaker and Shye , is an upcoming hiphop group ,founded in germany , nuremberg by the head of the group , Yung Breaker. Different cultures are mirroring in the name of the group , Tribe Figgaz .Lil A , an Armenian native , Lil T a Senegal native , Yung Breaker a Sierra Leonean native and Shye an American / Turkish native. Before they have started rapping , they aint got no relations to rap , but were inspirated by rappers like , decompoze , onebelo , johnny ca$h , Camron,T.I canibus common rass kass and singers like Akon,Joe others.... First time they met was in a club. Yung breaker started rapping at the beginning of this year , two months later , while his friend and group member Lil T was in Tunesia for two weeks , he started messing around with Shye , a new rapper , at that time , he was rapping for 3days , and they recorded some tracks included the single from nothin to somethin....meanwhile his other friend lil a , who is a phenomenal singer , started to join that group and they recorded some tracks after Lil T came back from his vacation in tunesia , they recorded a lotta tracks like (She Wanna) ,but without Shye whos got pressure in school and aint got no time. Now they do work on a Mixtape , which will be dropped soon , they also have their first appearance in a club and an album is already planned stay tuned!!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
in germany
Your musical influences
Camron, Akon,The Game, T.I. and so on