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Major Business and Dem Ky Boiz
Major Business and Dem Ky Boiz
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New sound with the style of todays music
Peak in sub-genre #38
This is KY Boiz (J. Coll and Weezy Weeze), thanks for checking out our page. We are very excited to hear what you think about our music. Thank God everyday for the opportunity to live and breathe another day. Thank God for creating music. Music is a gateway to the world. It seems like everybody wants to be involved in music these days which makes it even harder to get noticed.J. Coll aka Justin Collins, is the youngest of the two. Born and raised in Paducah, Ky aka THA P has been a lover of the game baseball since he was 3. He has always put baseball first next to God. Now as he is turning into a man, music is becoming more and more a part of him. He only started rapping less than a year ago and is making strides and leaps to make himself better. He graduated from Paducah Tilghman High School in 2006 and is now playing baseball and going to college at Mid-Continent Unviersity. Weezy Weeze aka Daniel Williams is the eldest of the two. He hails from the city of Shelbyville, Ky close to both Lexington and Louisville, Ky. He is the originator of Car Seat Studios and has helped develop J. Coll. Daniel also attends Mid-Continent University and plays baseball. He graduate from Shelby County High School in 2005. Janeisha "Nu Nu" Martin, AKA Nu Figaz, is a specials person. Although it may be hard to tell she is a female. Also, she freestyles all of her raps. It's insane she is one of the best female rappers out there hands down. Her partner Darius Baker, AKA Young Drapone is the youngest. He is a very talented rapper.. And in 06' Figaz and Drapone's talent clicked forming what you see now as Major Business. Soon after they began hopping on mixtapes around Paducah. Directors Cuts, by Skrilla formally of the Monopoly Wylecatz.. Singles, Extra Clips. MB has calloborated with such artists as CASH, Rell Mayzing, Young Nova. In early 07' the group was introduced to Dem Ky Boiz... it has been automatic since then.. the two groups have great chemistry together and nothing but stars are being seen on the way up for Major Business...
Your musical influences
Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Biggie, Jay-Z, Emenim, Outkast, Ourselves
What equipment do you use?
mixcraft and a microphone