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Shauna Danielle
Shauna Danielle
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Shauna Danielle - exciting, fun, refreshing, hot!
NAME:Shauna Danielle AGE:24 TALENT:Vocalist, Songwriter, dancer, a true entertainer GENRE: Pop/Urban-Pop SOUND:sultry, melodic, soulful, hypnotic, fun! STYLE: Urban Royalty (Beautiful with an edge, unique, street smart) VISUAL FOCUS: eyes, hair, style BENCHMARKS: Nobody's carbon copy, but vocal arrangments and sound most commonly compared to Brandy. Vocal Attitude compared to Pink , sexy spunk like Shakira, with the sultry passion of Sade CORE AUDIENCE: 13 - 35, female skew BEAUTY To a casual observer, Shauna is undoubtedly beautiful. However, her open mindness and passion are the attributes that truly define her beauty. As one whose ethnicity is not easily discernible, Shauna grew up blind to race and related to social matters. Throughout her years, she has indulged in the cultures, beliefs and differences of her many friends and aquaintances. Shana's ability to see people for who they are, and not their color or status in life, is driven by passion. Despite maintaining the fast-paced schedule of a rising artist, she has managed to volunteer over 450 hours of community service. And from open - mindness and passion comes truthfulness, the key ingredient in Shauna's ability to deliver songs marked by soulful messages to her audience. BRAINS Shauna possesses the rare blend of book and street smarts. While entertaining is her lifelong passion, Shauna has always placed great emphasis on academics. Nearing a grade point average of 4.0 every year throughout her adolescence, as well as her desire to assist both interpersonal and environmental causes, has driven Shauna's pursuit of degrees in Marine Biology and sports Medicine. Of equal importance, Shauna's intellect is enhanced by her dealings with the highs and lows of life, With apologies to Everlast, she has seen "The good side of the bad, and the down side of the up and everything between." Both through her own experiences and her eagerness to share in the experiences of most anyone she encounters. The result is music that's perceptive, expressive and based on the razor-sharp opinions of an informed mind. TALENT Shauna's considerable vocal and performance talents are the product of genetics, diverse influences and ambition. With a bloodline consisting of musicians, vocalists, dancers and actors, Shauna was destined for stardom. Learning piano-side from her mother, a classically-trained vocalist, Shauna's artistic journey was underway at an early age. She soon began absorbing the sounds and styles from a broad range of vocalists and performers. But these innate abilities and external influences were merely the building blocks for Shauna's well-rounded talent base. By her teen years, fueled by an intense drive, she had entered the disciplines of theater, commercial acting, dancing and modeling. Today, Shauna's performance skills and vocals have captured the attention of the hottest, most well respected producers in the music industry including Anthony Dent, Jermaine Dupris, Jazze Pha, Mike City, Dr.Dre, Heavy D., Amon Flanagan and Focus. Currently miss Shauna Danielle has teamed up exclusively with the dynamic force of super star producers such as Jermaine Dupri ,Anthony Dent, Oak, Jazze Pha, and Octane who are creating chart topping smash hits for Shauna's solo debut. Shine!!!!! RELEVANCE Shauna is a visual, ideological and stylistic representation of today's cultural convergence phenomenon. Her blend of Cherokee Indian, Blackfoot Indian, French Chinook Indian, Spanish, French and Irish places Shauna front and center as what many have labeled "The changing face of America." In addition, her diverse life experiences have shaped Shauna's well-rounded, informed point-of-view. The resulting relationships she's built through time spent with pop culture epicenters, from The OC's Laguna Beach to the ghetto and the streets to penthouse suites, contribute greatly to Shauna's "melting pot" mentality and style. Shauna's one-of-a-kind makeup has created a master of fusion who's uniquely relevant to the forward-thinking audiences of today...and Tomorrow.
Band/artist history
Come hang out with me over at my space @ www.myspace.com/shaunadanielle :-)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love to perform. To be honest the more intimate the better. I really like to connect with my audience
Your musical influences
Wow, my musical taste is so vast. It spans from Michael Jackson and George Michael to Billie Holiday and Dr. Dre! I love real music and I looooove hip-hop!
Anything else?
I really hope people enjoy my music and share their thoughts (both complimentary and constructive) with me. I will always give 100% to make your world just a little brighter! :-)