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J Money AKA Future Flow
J Money AKA Future Flow
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been doin music in general since i was little,decided just a few years ago to really take it seriousley after alot of people started telling me i really had talent,umm grew up like most in americawith a hella fucced up familyexperienced more at 22 then most people twice my age,and gotten to the point now were im over all the dumb shyt and im juss tryina do me and live my life rite.
Band/artist history
aint no band history im tryina get established...so yall can be a part of the band history.....dope rite? lol
Have you performed in front of an audience?
ive done small gigs at open mic nites but no official shows yet i aint even released my first album yet.
Your musical influences
i love great music.my influences are all the great artists that came before me that i respect and admire.....the great leaders i wasnt alive to meet...and life shyt.
What equipment do you use?
rite now my super fancy 12 pc conference mic......and my magical magix music maker 12 program lol
Anything else?
hip hop got full blown aids rite now....ya bois the cure.....help me help hiphop.......1 nation 1 love...hiphop