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Phenom (US)
Phenom (US)
4 Tracks
Unique sound, with a blend of urban pop, R&B, and Soul.
Pleasures Of Temptation
For Real
Peak in sub-genre #77
Temptin' Me (Gotta Say No)
PHENOM is their name and music is their game when it comes to this group of four young, talented brothers from NC who has mastered the art of noise. Though each member comes from various backgrounds, they have united to form a sound that many people from the triad area of NC have grown to love. Phenom is derived from many inspirations that the group has grown up listening to; influenced by the sounds of Jodeci, 112, and not to forget their favorite group, Boyz II Men. They formed in the summer of 2002 and have been wowing audiences for the past four and a half years. Before meeting each other, Terence Exodus, Anthony Hargrave, Keith and Kevin Hoover were all doing their own thing respectively in other groups; searching for the right harmonic combination. Terence and Anthony being members of a local trio named Nu-Era, and Keith and Kevin also two thirds of a local trio named Tri-umph. Due to the lack of chemistry, these groups disbanded. In hopes of succeeding as an R&B group once again, they sought new members; finding a creative niche with each other. Terence, 21, originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York; is the groups in-house producer and brings a sweet falsetto sound to the table. Anthony, 21, is a dynamic natural tenor who delivers acrobatic vocals to the Phenom sound. Keith, 22, boasts sultry and deep undertones bringing the pain whether on a heartbreak ballad or a sexy bass-line track. Kevin, 22, is the key to the mix; unlocking the door to what is the Phenom sound, while throwing his finishing touches on every track. Obviously Phenom is not your ordinary group theyre more than that. As a self-sustained entity they write, produce and have also choreographed their own numbers. Striving for originality and the unexpected, Phenom will creatively delve into the mind of every man and sing to every womans heart. Theyre guaranteed to complete their one mission; to make men relate and to emotionally move every woman with passionate content. This group exemplifies their name Phenom. "They Are Just So Phenomenal"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No we don't play any intruments
Your musical influences
Boyz II Men, 112, Jagged Edge, Jodeci, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, Musiq Soulchild, Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy, N'sync
What equipment do you use?
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