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DJ Phobos (Alex Swan)
DJ Phobos (Alex Swan)
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Trance producer, dj, electronic, one man band.
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Dj Phobos has been my djing and trance production name for many years now. Ive produced quite a range of material, although have always had a strong affinity for trance.
Band/artist history
Alex Swan began producing electronic music from the age of 13 with the aid of his first X5D synthesiser. After a year he released his first debut CD 'Xtreme Synthesis'. This comprised of mainly ambient electronic and new age tracks, largely experimental in its sound. His style began to evolve over the years, and his home studio grew. He began to become interested in trance after discovering various artists such as armin van buuren and BT. This inspiration also encouraged him to begin djing at the age of 17, which also gave a vital insight into what made a sucessful trance anthem. He has subsequently aimed to produce tracks up to this standard. Technically he has come a long way since, but he has always tried to ensure each and every track is original in its sound and sphere.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Ive span records at many parties and raves.. its more of a hobby atm. With my new M3 though, i may consider playing out more using karma etc, but trance producing is a very fussy intricate creation process, and i think this would be very hard to capture that integrity live.
Your musical influences
Armin van buuren, Ferry Corsten, Above and Beyond, Smith & Pledger, Super 8, Sean Tyas.
What equipment do you use?
For producing: Korg M3(not used yet), korg z1, Behringer plastic toy mixer, Roland VariOS(rarely used). Cubase with various plugins used. Wavelab for mastering. Korg karma featured in previous tracks, although i no longer own this.
Anything else?
Hope you all enjoy the tunes. Generally my policy is to allow the radio edits free for downloading. However if your a dj and you need full club mixes, you can buy the full tracks for next to nothing here. Feel free to leave feedback on the message board :)
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