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Tk the official jumpoff
Tk the official jumpoff
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Jumpoff!!!!!!!!!!!! nuff sed
sample writing *copy written so dont copy* You scream I scream we all scream for my bling It's my bling and I see how you fein for my bling I'm so iced I'm like sumthn out an ice dream Diamonds in my mouth around my neck a scoop of icecream_4 Round my wrist a rabbit and if not than a gold band I'm so armed with carrots V8 want me for my own brand I'm my own man I culd wash my own hands But make sure the water aint cold I already froze my own hands_8 I been froze my own ears now they belong to jesus They're refered to as lighthouse cuz I know you see it You can't joc my swagger you'll try hard I'll stab ya Murdered in cold blood cuz I iced out my dagger_12 I'm so froze I'm so bold my icebox is so cold I'm iceman with icecubes I do what I like to Human torch in the building with that subzero aura Ya girl on me froze I'm hot but I thought I told ya_16
Band/artist history
I first started ghostwriting when I was 17. MY cousin Smilez (from smilez & southstar) started the same way and I got a uncle that ghostwrites for your favorite rappers lol. Now I do lol!!! I'm the jumpoff babe
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yea I spit live but very rare. You're better off turnin on ur tv to watch my work in action!!!
Your musical influences
Any oldskool jumpoff, Eminem, Jay-Z, Method man, Fabolous, Bone thugs n harmony, and a whole list rangin from hiphop, r-n-b, alternativge....man music in genenral is my musical influence.
What equipment do you use?
A pen, sumthn to write on, and usually a beat sum producer gave me for free. But most the time I'll listen to another song and use that vibe to add fuel to my fire n spark a jumpoff.
Anything else?
uhhh.....yea. DOn't do drugs. lol