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Insignia Apollo
Insignia Apollo
4 Tracks
Hip Hop Producer
Born and raised in Northwest Philadelphia, on a mission to bring good music to the people of his city.
Band/artist history
High School - I was put on to producing by a friend. I wish I could thank him for getting me started on this long road. Since then, I built and modified several versions of a home studio, and taught myself everything I know about producing along the way. College - Brought all my equipment with me. People would come to my dorm room and would be shocked to find a dual monitor custom PC, keyboards, turntable setup and mics strewn about. Worked with 2 other producers in executive producing a mixtape showcasing our campus's hottest talents. To this day, it was one of my most memorable experiences. Current - hard times hit hard. Had to sell EVERYTHING - laptop, old computer setup, turntables, keyboards, mixers, drum machine, even my car - just to stay in school and at my current residence, and in the process lost much of my old work. After a serious artistic slump after said calamity, I returned to doing what I love to do, on a scaled down and underpowered setup.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Well, I'm in the middle of teaching myself guitar, so me playing live is a LOOOONG ways off, but I'm looking forward to being able to one day....
Your musical influences
Neo Soul, Hip Hop, Rock, Funk, R&B. I try to encompass some of these styles in my tracks.
What equipment do you use?
Old setup - Dell Inspiron 700m, MAudio trigger finger, MAudio Axiom 25, ESI U46DJ, Behringer Eurorack 8 input mixer, CAD condenser Mic, Custom built Dual monitor PC, Cakewalk Sonar 3, Ableton Live 5, IK Multimedia SonikSynth 2, and a variety of software synths (man I miss my old setup...) Current Setup - Custom built PC, RadioShack midi keyboard, Old soundblaster card, Ableton Live 6, and the same softsynths from previous setup (told you it was underpowered......)
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