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Unusual Sources
Unusual Sources is an anti-war radio program that covers issues from a labour perspective. For more information, see About Unusual Sources. http://hamiltonco
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Supporting Tim Hortons' Workers
A detailed interview with Hamilton and District Labour Council President Anthony Marco about labour's support for Tim Hortons' workers, and the community coming together to picket on behalf of their minimum wage increase.
#17 in Politics
Danger of Nuclear War with Korea
Doug interviewed Prof. Michel Chossudovsky in December about his then-upcoming visit to Hamilton to discuss the danger of nuclear war with the DPRK.
College Faculty Reject Board's poor offer
Doug gets an update on the situation from Kevin Mackay, VP of OPSEU Local 240, and a professor at Mohawk College.
The 'Saudi' War on Yemen
Stephen Gowans issues a corrective about the 'Saudi' assault on Yemen.
College Faculty Strike to Improve
Doug interviews Kevin Mackay, VP of OPSEU Local 240, and a professor at Mohawk College. They discuss working conditions in Ontario's community colleges and the strike of more than 12,000 professors, instructors, counsellors, and librarians.
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mike mandel is a ridiculous in his view of the darfur conflict. it is in fact the janjaweed who, armed by the gov't of sudan, shot first. check your history books. and just look at the lopsided numbers - the number of sudanese army and janjaweed isn't even reported because they are just too strong, too disorganized, except for their ability to count the millions of displaced and 100's of thousand killed of non-arab darfuri's. please, please don't fight the save darfur activists work. you are right that they need food - but the janjaweed and gov't soldiers won't let it in - we need to arm the food trucks in order to get it to the people. just think about it. the displaced are being starved to death! and the murdered are huge. it is, in fact, a genocide. i found your view as being very ccounterproductive in getting the food, as you say, to the people as you blame the displaced and murdered for their own atrocities! think about how ridiculous that sounds. peace---jd
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