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Chas Williams
My cd, Ring Of Fire, is mainly dobro and slide guitar instrumentals. The tunes are original and range from rock to bluegrass to jazzeesh. Very musical compositi
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Recreational Vehicle! This is one for slide guitar. The song has a double shuffle groove with Bob Warren on drums and Scott Chambers on bass. Also playing guitars are my friends Andy Most and Greg Jennings.
Slide Guitar
Slide guitar is melodic rock featuring a custom lap Tele with a 2-Tek bridge. Pasi Leppikangas played drums.
Ring Of Fire
Rocking Bo Diddey slide guitar version of the Johnny Cash classic. Bob Warren is on drums and Dow Tomlin on bass.
Canterbury is a hard rocking instrumental with Dobro as the lead voice. Reese Wynans on B-3, Pasi Leppikangas on drums and Ron de la Vega on bass. The guitar solo is a '64 Strat through a '60 Concert.
The Seam
This song starts out as a fingerstyle ballad then takes some cool turns. There is a big lap slide solo that I like near the end of the song.
The cd I just finished recording is called Ring Of Fire. I wrote 8 songs on the cd and cover thte Johnny Cash song, "Ring Of Fire" as a slide guitar instrumental with a Bo Diddley groove. Also Bill Monroe's tune,"Gold Rush", which features dobro as the lead voice and some nice reharmonization at the end of the song. All the songs include a killer band of musicians, which include Reese Wynans from Double Trouble, Pasi Leppikangas from John Cowan's band and Ron de la Vega from Nanci Griffith's band. I also have another cd of original instrumentals, called "1511". A few of the song downloads here are from that cd. http://www.nashvillenumbersystem.com
What equipment do you use?
For the Ring OF Fire cd, I used 2 custom Tele slide guitars, both built by my friend Lynn Ellsworth from a drawing I made. The slide guitar pictured on my website, http://www.nashvillenumbersystem.com has a cedar top and square neck. Joe Glaser helped me with the electronics. The guitar has a Fishman Powerbridge and a Demeter mid-boost. Also on the record are an '81 ShoBro dobro by Shot Jackson, a James Tyler strat, a '64 Fender Strat, a Jerry Jones Baritone guitar, a '93 Martin HD-28 and a '43 Martin 000-18. Amps used were a Speedster Deluxe, a THD Univalve and a '60 Fender Concert.
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