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Mohammed Salem
Mohammed Salem
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Mohammed Salem is an Australian/Egyptian singer/songwriter in the entertainment industry spanning 3 decades with global album sales exceeding 1 million.
Mohammed Salem - Uncomfortable Live
Mohammed Salem first burst out onto the music scene professionally in 2003 with his debut single "Nasty". It was the first song that Mohammed wrote and produced himself; although despite peaking at No.3 on the pop charts, the song was not favored amongst the critics. His debut album would soon follow in 2004 entitled "mojo" which featured a majority of tracks written by other songwriters including Australia's Lisa Butler and Chris Headford to international songwriter's such as Eric Clapton, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis III. The album was meant to be an the introduction of Mohammed Salem to the world and also crossed genres from pop, rock and dance to R&B. The album did produce the remake of Brandy's "Have you ever" as a top 10 success followed by the controversial hit "Can you handle this". Following a mountain of controversy with the song, the album itself was overshadowed and Mohammed Salem went into seclusion canceling all public appearances to promote the album. Later that year, the singer combined efforts with "Tha 24's Gang" releasing the club hit "Get the club movin'" and was soon followed with two other collaborations that included Mr.Loco and Annubis on "Soldier" and "Watcha need". In 2005, Mohammed Salem planned the release of what was known then as the "SS Project" which was his second album. The album was written and produced in secret and the singer collaborated again with Mr.Loco. In May of 2005 Mohammed released the song "Trust a try" which peaked at No.1 on Soundclick's Hot 100 Singles Charts paving the way for the singer's brand new album entitled "Mohammed Salem's Street Symphony". The album also included the number one hit "Make a change" and was part of a phenomenal six singles from one album to enter the top 10. This album dealt with social and political issues such as racism, drugs, peer pressure, bigotry and intolerance. It also narrowed down to a more specific genre; R&B. The album shipped over 46,000 units globally surpassing his very average debut album which only sold 3,000 copies. In the Christmas of 2005, Mohammed Salem released "Fantasy" which went straight to No.1 and to this day remains as his biggest selling and most successful single to date. It became No.1 not just on the international pop charts, but also on the dance charts and the club charts. It paved the way for the 2006 release "Ritual of Love" which sold over 63,000 copies world wide and produced two other chart topping hits with "Alive" and "Instinct". The album's theme this time was love, lust and sexual fantasies and the genre was more pop specific this time. Mohammed really expressed himself and also brought a more happy album compared to the last. On the album Mohammed also co-writes and performs with his long time best friend Mohamed Abdelaziz (aka Moey) on the song "Listen to my heart" which also peaked at No.2 on the pop charts. But the song itself made history when it jumped more than 1000 places to peak at the No.2 position. Thanks to European DJ Jenkki who produced the remixes to "Fantasy"; Mohammed Salem's status in Europe had grown to epic proportions and the singer re-released one of the songs on the album "We were meant to be" with Dutch lyrics by a Dutch rapper as an alternative version of the song as a gift to his European fans. However, it was his dark, depressing and very intimate album in 2007 that lifted Mohammed Salem's success to a complete and other level. "The Chronicles of Mimi" to this day remains the singer's most personal and most revealing album to date and selling over 170,000 copies world wide. All five singles released from the album went to #1 and pushed Mohammed's total album sales to more than a quarter of a million. On this album Mohammed reveals a personal side to him, a side of struggle, self doubt and self exploration. He deals with depression, sadness, abuse of all flavors and self-esteem. On this album, the genre that Mohammed tackles is rock and he does it well. Later that year, Mohammed launched his first official tour; a world tour that saw 67 shows completely sold out. In early 2008, Mohammed completed his world tour and came back to Australia but was hit with a mystery illness that to this day doctors are yet to identify. Mohammed was struck down, unable to breathe properly, unable to walk and hospitalised for over two months. In early March the singer began a slow recovery and put his energy into his music. Whilst hot on the heels of his last album which was still going strong, the singer decided to release his brand new single "Peepshow" . This time the new album's theme is sex and regarding the genre? Mohammed crosses over to dance with this album and with the song "Balady" he manages to become the only artist in history to have had four songs from four individual genres go to number one. Mohammed also hits the road with "Mohammed Salem's Peepshow" a new tour but not a world tour. Critics also praised the singer for his song "Open your eyes" which was a song in memory of victims of 9/11. Finally, "OUT" was Mohammed's fifth album and although considered by some to be a commercial let down in sales compared to the previous album, Mohammed Salem's status continues to soar. After completing his last tour, Mohammed decided to go on a hiatus from music and take some time off. Initially the singer felt he was pushing himself in his work and began to lose the passion for writing. Although 18 months later, the singer was back in the studio writing and recording and in 2010, released his sixth studio album "The Greatest Gift". With the album, Mohammed was trying to keep it top secret as he did with his second album back in 2005. However, as some tracks are leaked to radio and clubs, critics and fans can only rave about the singer's new style and new direction. Throughout his career, Mohammed has worked with a string of talented songwriters, producers and artists that have included Janet Jackson, Akon, Amy Lee (Evanescence), Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis III, Metallica and his own friends. This album was no exception with the amount of talent and collaborations matching if not exceeding the number he has worked with in the past put together. The new album "The Greatest Gift" was released in March 2010. The album produced the #1 hit "Make Me Feel" which became Mohammed's 13th number one hit. Mohammed also went on tour, his second world tour and his third major tour overall. The album includes collaborations with a number of artists including Anastacia, R. Kelly, Bono, Mary J Blige and many more. In 2011, Mohammed took entered history when he took part in the Egyptian revolution. It was moving and inspiring and the singer wrote and performed a tribute track to the revolution called "Egypt 2501". The song would later be part of the singer's 7th studio album "Mimi" which was supported by the "Mimi: Intimate & Live Tour". The singer performed on a smaller scale throughout Europe and the Middle-East. The album produced a number of dance tracks like, "Everything", "Lies" and "Grindr". Currently, Mohammed's latest album is the 2012 release, "From Mojo to Mimi - The Very Best of Mohammed Salem" which has 19 tracks including one brand new single; a duet with Janet Jackson called "Ruff". In May 2014; Mohammed Salem released "Waking the Monster" which is the first single to be released from his final album "Diary of a Madman". The new album was released in June 2014 and has already sold over half a million copies alone. The second single "Suicide" became the singer's 15th International #1 hit. The third single "No Love Lost" was released in September 2014 with the first official music video for the single was released on September 26th, 2014. In February 2015, the singer released the fourth single from the album "Feel This Pain (Hanging On)" featuring Ellie Goulding and was also featured on the motion picture soundtrack "Divergent". "Diary of a Madman" proved to be successful by not only becoming yet another #1 album; but selling in 1 year what his biggest selling album "The Chronicles of Mimi" had sold in 8 years. The album is only 20,000 copies shy of becoming his biggest seller since the 2007 SMI rock release. In 2016, Mohammed Salem released his long awaited greatest hits album; DIVO: HITS & MIXES which includes the single "Enta Habibi" which became his 16th chart topping single. "Enta Habibi" which is bi-lingual, puts the song in the World category/genre. Because it hit #1, it means Mohammed Salem is the only artist in history to have had #1 singles in five different musical genres. Those being, R&B, Pop, Rock, Dance and now World.
Band/artist history
Mohammed Salem's career in entertainment began in 1990 as an actor in theatre before moving into music recording his debut single in 1995. He then launched his musical career in 2003 via the internet. A method many considered smart yet unconventional at that time. Salem launched his music internationally crossing various genres and his persistence and determination fast gave him the title of "divo". Salem has been known to push musical boundaries and exceed the expectations of fans and critics alike, sometimes pulling in opposite directions. Musically and lyrically he has challenged contemporary pop and urban music, also making the cross over to dance, rock and world music. With each project he has also demonstrated various vocal abilities from sultry whispers and soft tones to energetic drives and rock cries. To date, Salem has sold over 1 million albums worldwide, released 8 albums bit including his 2012 "best of" set entitled "From Mojo to Mimi - The Very Best of Mohammed Salem" and his most recent "greatest hits" set entitled "DIVO: HITS & MIXES" in 2016. He has scored 16 international #1 singles and performed sold out concerts around the world. His achievements have also included the 2004 award for Best Poet & Songwriter of the Year (by the International Society of Poets; USA), 2006 Coca Cola Music Awards Album of the Year (Ritual Of Love) and being nominated for 3 awards at the 2008 Oz Music Awards in Australia for Best Selling Artist, Best R&B Song [I don't know why] and Best Rock Song [Stained & Lonely]. Mohammed Salem's biggest selling single to date has been "Fantasy" from the singer's third studio album "Ritual of Love". His biggest selling album to date has been 2007's "The Chronicles of Mimi". After the release of "OUT" in 2008, the singer went on tour throughout the Middle-East before coming back to Australia and taking time off. In 2009, Mohammed kept himself in seclusion and his only public appearances in 2009 were to perform at the Michael Jackson Tribute Special in Melbourne, Australia at Red Love and to contribute to the 40 hour famine lock-in challenge at the Big Brother House on the Gold Coast, Australia. In early 2010, a new song was finally leaked to radio entitled "Make Me Feel" which peaked at #1 on the Soundclick Hot 100 and making it the singer's 13th number one hit. His 6th studio album "The Greatest Gift" was released in March 2010 and was promoted with singer's second world tour "The Greatest Gift World Tour 2010". Following the Egyptian revolution in January 2011 for which the singer took part; he launched his 7th studio album "Mimi" a dance album which also included his tribute track to the revolution entitled "Egypt 2501". The singer then went on to do his "Mimi: Intimate and Live Tour" which was held on a smaller scale throughout Europe and the Middle-East. In 2012; Mohammed decided to celebrate his achievements with the release of "From Mojo to Mimi: The Very Best of Mohammed Salem" which had 19 of the singer's best hits including a new duet with Janet Jackson entitled "Ruff". In 2014, the singer decided to release the unofficial second chapter to his 2007 album "The Chronicles of Mimi" and entitled it; "Diary of a Madman". It was his first studio album in 3 years and produced the hits "Waking the monster" featuring UK rapper Rydah, "No love lost" and his 15th international #1 hit "Suicide". The controversial single and its artwork was also met with mixed reviews. The album also produced the track "Feel this pain (hanging on)" featuring Ellie Goulding and taken from the motion picture "Divergent". The album became Salem's second biggest selling album, yet his fastest selling album proving he produces his best work when he mixes rock with dark urban hymns. In 2014, the singer kicked off his "Diary of a Madman World Tour" which was then plagued by cancellations due to the singer falling ill to pneumonia. The tour was postponed and dates rescheduled when the singer was back to full health. Although 2016 saw the release of Mohammed Salem's first official greatest hits album; "DIVO: HITS & MIXES" it was the celebration of 21 years in the music industry that became the biggest highlight. The 21st anniversary album showcased 15 of his biggest hits remastered, the new single "Enta Habibi" with long time collaborator Jarno Lehtonen (DJ Jenkki) and the bonus track; "Divo Live Medley: Live from the Cairo Opera House" taken from the singer's opening act of the 2014 "Diary of a Madman World Tour" which was a recording never before released. When "Enta Habibi" was released, it debuted at #1 on the Soundclick Hot 100 making it the singer's 16th number one single and made history for the singer who now has #1 singles from five different genres over his career. He has had #1 singles from R&B, Pop, Rock, Dance and now; World. After the success of the album Salem decided to take a bit of time away from music and focus on other areas in his life. In March 2018, whilst on holiday with his mother and father in Alexandria, Egypt; his father passed away suddenly. Mohammed Salem and his family released a joint statement which reads as follows: "I would like to thank everyone for their condolences and their messages of support. It is a very difficult and trying time for my family and I. Our family has always been a very close and tight knit one. This loss is a difficult one as it is the most personal and closest loss both my family and I have had to deal with. My father passed away on his birthday. Born March 15 and died on March 15. Words can never express how truly saddened we are by his passing and how blessed we are at the same time that he passed among family and friends back in his home country of Egypt. Whilst we are currently grieving we are also in shock at the sudden loss of someone who was still healthy, upbeat and full of life and energy. We ask that everyone respect our right to privacy during this difficult time. Thank you." SMI Records and Salem Entertainment also released a joint statement indicating that Mohammed Salem will be taking time away from music to focus on his family and himself.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've travelled the world and predominantly have toured the Middle East and Europe. I really love performing in Egypt and France. Those two countries have a special place in my heart. A special moment was performing at the Cairo Opera House in 2014 for my "Diary of a Madman World Tour"; a place where legends have performed. I'm very honoured to be a part of that.
Your musical influences
Musically, I am driven by various artists and various genres. My debut album "mojo" was very eclectic with a bit of pop, rock, dance and some urban grooves. With "Street Symphony" I dug deep into my urban roots and produced a more solid R&B album. With "Ritual of Love" I decided to make that transition to pop and explore that further. My album "The Chronicles of Mimi" was exploring my rock side. With "OUT" it was more focused on dance with a hint of R&B. My album "The Greatest Gift" has drifted more toward R&B and holds special significance to me because I wrote this in dedication to family and friends. "Mimi" was more dance inspired and at the moment I am just enjoying the celebration of hits from past years with my "best of" set. My inspirations stem from Michael Jackson to Pink Floyd ... Linkin Park to Anastacia or Whitney Houston and R. Kelly to Coldplay. Then in 2014 "Diary of a Madman" was an ode to "The Chronicles of Mimi" and my attempt at rock. In a salute to the album that became my most successful but also adding some dark R&B.
What equipment do you use?
Piano is my instrument of choice. It makes me feel humble.
Anything else?
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