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Eternal Chronicle
Eternal Chronicle
18 Tracks
Eternal Chronicle a.k.a. The Don 'Pimp Nutz' a.k.a. The Unsung One a.k.a. E.C. a.k.a. Eternal a.k.a. Chronicle
Welcome to the Official Eternal Chronicle SoundClick Band Page. Y'all know the deal, get curious and read up on me. If I sound interesting, hit me up with a friend request. While y'all at it, feel absolutely free to have me check out your music. Yes I am free to do collabs, just email me at amillcapostatus@aol.com or theunsungone4@aol.com.
Band/artist history
Eternal Chronicle was born Ramon Elias Amill in Winchester, Massachusetts the son of Maria Esquilin and Ramon Eugenio Amill. Being of both Puerto Rican and Spanish descent. Early in his elementary years his family lived in Woburn, Massachusetts. At six years old, his parents separated then later divorced the following year. It was shortly then after he was influenced to rapping by watching people freestyling and starting ciphers during house parties his mother would throw. He attended Joyce Middle School and eventually Woburn High School where he was always fascinated by Hip-Hop in so many ways to the point he considered taking rapping on a serious level. During his high school years, he would show friends and other classmates his lyrics he was constantly writing in his notebooks. Early in his senior year he moved up north to Hudson, New Hampshire to live with his father. While still living in New Hampshire, he has smooth talked around to get his hands on computer software to create his music with. Since then, he has recorded several demos and has even made a couple instrumental mixtapes. He is a young developing emcee with an ever-changing lyrical style and a liquid flow. Eternal Chronicle is sure to come up significant in the near future.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I used to street rap battle to get my named known. Now I'm doin little shows at local clubs and such.
Your musical influences
As for who, the list could go for a bit. As for what, my experiences and my relentlessness for entertaining. Being eclectic with music gives me a great range of influence as well.
What equipment do you use?
Fruity Loops 4 XXL Producers Edition, Steinburg's WaveLab, Cubase and occasionally Reason 3.0
Anything else?
My word and my balls. And I don't break'em for anybody.
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