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Martian Eclipse
Martian Eclipse
2 Tracks
Martian, Martian Eclipse, Trance, Progressive, Progressive Trance, Uplifting, Dj Size, Tranceaddict, Melodic Trance, Russia Trance
Welcome. I hope my music it will be pleasant to you.
Band/artist history
Martian Eclipse, whose real name is Anton, began to show his interest to music in the childhood, trying to understand the principle of making music, but it was in vain. All these things accumulated in him, but in the age of 13 he met famous Djs, who helped him to find new interests, friends, to discover what he had got earlier. An interest in the job has lead to a new step, a step to a closer perception of music. Learning DJ skills became a starting point. Martian Eclipse began to spend the majority of time among friends in clubs, study to feel people, get experience from professional musicians and DJs. The time was passing, the tastes concerning music styles were changing. There was everything, from Ambient to Gabba. At the age of 15 Anton was already behind the board of the DJs mixer. Getting first experience, he was very shy and made mistakes. His self-confidence has helped him to go further. He worked both in clubs, and on holidays, corporate parties. At the same time first two trance compositions were created, which were not bad for the first time of working with programs intended for making music. Anton has made the first stop on Hard Dance stage doing such styles as Hardstyle, Hardcore, DanceCore, Pumping delighted, but there was no that melody which pleases ears with the beauty and softness of the sound. Searching the point between the melody and hard basis lead the DJ to working in Euro Trance, Hard Trance, Hard House... He was continuing the search for the perfect style for several years and finally stopped at Progressive/Uplifting Trance, which made him work harder...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Play. Different places.
What equipment do you use?
Midi keyboard, Cubase, Reason, thats all
Anything else?
Nope :)