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I'm Rock & Rap all in 1, I'm tha best at wut I do so get at me
9 songs
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Tha World Iz Myne
jus talkin shyt wit my peoplez
Wut U Tellin Me
Me on sum Jeezy shyt
Galaxy Muzik
Rock/Rap Futuristic type shyt!!!
Make'em Lean
I got this track frum here but I 4got who so if this ur track get at me & tell me wut U thynk & gud lookin
Wuz gud this Grimm aka Tha New Best Rapper Alive. Me I'm residin in Tha Mitten FLINT-TOWN I see U baby!!!. I'm not on here 4 beef I ain't on here 2 dis I'm jus on here 2 be heard & hopefully get signed. My whole basis 4 bein is music it'z my lyfe my world my breath. I'm jus really lookin 4 a chance at sumthin I been in luv wit every since I wuz yung. My daddy wuz in a band when he wuz in high school (R.I.P. Alonzo Campbell I miss U, I luv U, U my reason 4 bein here & Ur one of my biggest inspirations this all 4 U Pop!!) Not only him but my Family My gyrl Sup Madi & my baby gyrl hey Maya daddy loves ya'll Thanks 4 bein there 4 me. Momz hey lady U been there 2 I kno U got my back till tha end. & anybody I 4got I'll hold it down 4 ya'll. Well thats it so enjoy & download as much as U lyke.....oh & tell ya friends Holla!!! Oh yea jus 2 let U kno These songs are 4 a mixtape I'm not sellin'em cuz I ain't trin 2 get sued lol, but a Lil Wayne much luv homie I'm jus showcasin my skillz pimp I ain't trin 2 step on ya toes get at me if U come 2 my page 1 & tha Mixtape is called (GROUND ZER0) COMIN SOON.....!!!!
Band/artist history
Man, I been doin this since I wuz 16. I knew I had it in me so I kept at it & I won't stop!!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have did shows here in Flint but it wuz wit a local label I wuz wit I haven't did nuthin yet but I will soon....keep a eye out!!!!
Your musical influences
One of my biggest inspirations is GOD......he dun seen me thru alot & I wouldn't be here witout him 1 Luv. My family all ya'll, Madi, Maya, & Momz & Pop. Lil Wayne, Pac, T.I., Ludacris, jus 2 name a few but rite now I'm my biggest influence cuz I'm doin all tha work lol.
What equipment do you use?
I record wit my boy Ron Terry, Thanx 4 helpin me homie can't nobody do it lyke U!!!!
Anything else?
I did a track called "Make'em Lean I got it frum a free download here if this wuz ur track get at me!!!!
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