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Miki dez
Miki dez
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Singer songwriter, specialising in character based comedy and general pop, some instrumentals, and musicals
Band/artist history
solo artist, have gigged and produced live variety shows over several years, and introduced many comedy characters, written scetches, plays, show numbers, & performed countless covers, pop, jazz,old time,rock&roll, you name it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
not so much now, I love it,'cause I'm a show off onstage, although more reserved away from the roar of the crowd.Really I'm a writer who performs,not a performer who writes.
Your musical influences
Too many to name, but it's fair to say, a bit of everything has seeped in over time, even tiny bits of classical have taught me things in composition, to me, music is about moods, and how we feel on a particular day, and music reflects all those emotions for me, sometimes we want to just bop to a screamin' rock number, join the chorus of a torch song,or smooch to a sad number-i like all those things, and one genre doesn't satisfy all those needs to listen or play.
What equipment do you use?
keyboard, guitar, banjo uke, semi acoustic uke, 8track recording gizmo,& my character voices.
Anything else?
I have a new project in the pipeline-a full on musical-an adaptation from a famous play, nine songs.looking to record the numbers with good singers, who can "act in their singing" if you see what I mean.