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Major Snagg
Major Snagg
United Kingdom
July 11, 2007
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Major Snagg is the name of the 'band' that perform all my own musical creations. (songs and instrumentals). I play guitars, bass, rudimentary keyboards, harmonica, and sing.
Band/artist history
I've been playing since I was 16 (a long time ago now ) This is a necessary outlet for me, as I just can't stop playing and trying out ideas. The learning process just continues . . . The first 'band' I was a member of was;- 'The Dead Popes' . . .Power Pop (1977/8), Drums, Bass, Rhythm guitars (2), Rhythm/lead guitar (me) Aqua Vitae (1979/80), Drums, Bass, keyboard and Guitar (me). Dolce Vita (1980/82) . . ., a proper Indie style pop/rock band. Drums, Bass, Rhythm guitar, Rhythm / lead guitar (me) Silent Network, (1988/90) Electronic/Pop . . .Bass/Keyboards, Vocals, Guitars (me)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I've been involved in a few bands over the years. All great fun at the time. But no, I don't play 'live' anymore. I sometimes miss it and would love to get a band together again to perform some of my songs and some of covers of my favourite songs by musicians I admire.
Your musical influences
The Beatles, John Mayall, Ten Years After, Be Bop Deluxe, Bill Nelson, XTC, The Flower Kings . . . far too many to list. All good Pop and Rock (and a little bit of experimental music)
What equipment do you use?
Parker Fly Deluxe electric guitar (1999), Yamaha MSG Deluxe electric guitar, Yamaha Pacifica 303/12 electric 12 string model, Yamaha Pacifica 612V electric guitar, Yamaha APX 4-A electro acoustic guitar (6 string), Yamaha APX-4-12A electro acoustic 12 string guitar, Crafter 'Cruiser' bass guitar, Rickenbacker 4003 bass guitar, Yamaha PSR 275 keyboard, Zoom RT 123 & Alesis SR-16 drum machines, Line 6 POD (2.0) e-bow. I record into Adobe Audition 1.5 (formerly Cool Edit)
Anything else?
Music making (for me) isn't something I can just turn on or off. I'm driven by music and vision. Once an Art student, always an Art student. So the musical and artistic journey goes forever on . . .
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