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Captain Kirt
Captain Kirt
19 Tracks
Crunk,Positive,Hip-Hop,R&B,New,Old,Good Music,Freestyle,Gospel
Wisdom Records
Band/artist history
started writing and rapping in the early 90's copying Ice Cube,snoop,luke and Tupac, than getting good enough to find my own style, hook up with a couple of my cousins and my homeboy in 1999 and started rapping on tapes off the radio, influcence by Master P than step it up a notch in 2001 with a talent show than 2002 my 1st solo demo with my group TRP. That open up for my local acts started collabing with other artists in the area in their studio in 2002-2004 than i got tired of it 2003 and 2004 i was Now Gospel Rapping but bbackslided and made more negative music in 2005 and 2006, God spoke to me in 2003 and gave me my label name once i got saved and seek him.Since then i was blessed to own my own studio and label, also a small business. Right now im striving for a better tomorrow not just 4 me but 4 erbody around me. 2007 a new start wisdom records is dropping a compliation also a solo album from Captain Kirt in 2008, still waiting on God to bless with a team but when 2 or 3 is gather together in Jesus Name thats power, we on 1 accord, ready 4 war.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I perform live if info contact me thru email wisdom_urban_wear@yahoo.com plz leave a subject. i love to perform connection with the youth and te older crowd postive vibe. My first performance was special because a older woman came to me and said ow much she understood and enjoy my music and got afew cd's off me i felt like that was a blessing and special to touch some one double my age.
Your musical influences
God, Mom, Master P, Lost souls,Tupac, Step Brother,youth
What equipment do you use?
Keyboard,Computer etc....
Anything else?
Looking 4 good positive music to join up with me, Network,collab, trying to get this tang on n poppin
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