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Throwed Texas Bois
Throwed Texas Bois
1 Track
TTB N TYP Up in Da Music Bizz.. Trying to get signed so Holla!!
If u wanna hate on us than gonn head but jus to let u kno u hatin on us puts gas in our ingine. And think about it we out here gettin paper. Hatas Need to get ya Cake UP!!!! **T.T.B*
Band/artist history
Mane As yall Kno Thowed Texas Bois (TTB) is a group that originated in Texas.. The group consist of different type of Artists.And We all got different Influences. Which Means we all are from different places. Yung Lazy iz from Oak Cliff Texas and can kill a track. Wunda Boi is a Mil Town kid dat a Kill a Verse .Last but not leats Lil Mun iz from Texas and he can spit sumethin Vicious. We been all waitin are whole life to get a chance to form a group.SO we go make songs that sum enjoy and some might not. Are style of rapping is Crunk and Thowed are own type of music.
Your musical influences
TYP...LilWayne...Crime Mobb and so many more we cant even name
What equipment do you use?
Mann we trying to get in a studio so if you know where one izz holla but we workn on a computer program