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King Raz
King Raz
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Greetings everyone I am your local asylum escapee King Raz. I am constantly working on experimental bass and heavy chill and dubstep projects.
King Raz - Addicted (Dubstep)
I have been writing songs mostly soundtrack style for well over a decade. I have personally created 3 albums thus far which can be found via my various links on my webpage. I love bass music mostly grimey dubstep music but once in awhile I deliver solid chill music. I often visit multiple genres one of my many faults but tis all electronic one way or another. I am available on many channels but my webpage it the best start I am easily found on google search, google play, itunes, cdbaby, bandcamp, amazon, soundcloud, soundclick (obviousely), Facebook, Twitter, pond5 and youtube oh and reverb nation
Band/artist history
when I was young I used to play with rebirth alot nothing good or important I actually used Hammerhead more effectively but still yeah so anyways eventually I felt Id like to evolve my style and I found FL studio I think 4 and I used a demo but I became addicted. A good amount of time later I bought FL6 at my local guitar center and boy that was a great decision. Till now I never considered music as much more then a hobbyist thing I had never been able to effectively put anything down as I had no musical training at all. FL changed that for me I started focusing and puching and trying to experiment and learn till eventually I made a actual song! Now hundreds of songs later I hungered for more so eventually I found Komplete and Native instruments. At this point things like youtube and information DBs were easily accesible and everywhere so I focused on learning and digging into the bowels of Komplete 8. This eventually produced my first album Mindscape found on bandcamp. Its been awhile since then and I have continued to expand my knowledge and creativity pushing my limits. My setup has evolved alot too at one point I wanted be able to not look at my computer screen so I found Maschine it is my favorite monster now even better with FL if you know how to use it that is. My setup now is Maschine 2, Fl studio 12, Komplete 8, M-audio Venom working as a sound board powering two Mackie MR5 mk3's and a B-52 Woofer I also use my guitar and do some live vocals now. I will be only getting better and better and I hope to really go places with music as it seems to be the one thing I cannot live without doing as for everyone listening and starting to follow or find information on me I thank you for any support you are showing or will show I know I have like 8 fans on Soundclick but I have 2500 others across the world and I like to know each of them is appreciated.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have not played live in anymore then intimate small groups my preference is to work behind the scenes my songs have been used a few times for youtube videos and I woul love to get futher into commercial soundtracks i.e. my pond5 page
Your musical influences
I loved Prodigy and Juno reactor. I also used to pound Source Direct and photek I dont believe I sound like them but I do believe the style of so much through simplicity and so little has become a part in my musical stylings I dont really sound like anyone just me.
What equipment do you use?
Maschine 2.2, Komplete 8, FL Studio 12 Producer edition XXL, Akai XR20, 2x Mackie MR5 mk3, M-audio Venom 49, One gigantic super duper PC, 2 billion samples, B52 woofer, Fender Squire, Shure SRH240A, Multiple Maschine Expansions
Anything else?
I love to hear from listeners and fans I also open to anything to help get myself out there. I dont mind finding abit of work or collaboration though I prefer to do so locally but anyways Contact me via my website it has all my links on it under the links tab http://kingraz.weebly.com/
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