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Hard and soft, deaf, sweet in the middle, red and blue, circumstantial, finely chopped.
Stuck In The Boonies
Peak in sub-genre #14
Rock is good.
Band/artist history
I started sampling and sequencing in the mid-80's with my musical partner and good friend Andrew while living in London UK. After that we moved to Montreal and started Bootsauce; signed to Polygram and put out 5 records (2 went Gold; 1 Juno award). After leaving the group I moved to Vancouver where I continue to write & produce. The West Coast rocks! ;-)
Your musical influences
Buzzcocks, Bill Withers, Magazine, Chrome, Al Green, The Damned, Marc Bolan, Public Enemy, Burt Bacharach, The Dickies, Charlie Parker, Beck, XTC, The Vibrators, The Who, The Ramones, Stone Temple Pilots, The Clash, CCR, The Pretenders, James Brown, Bohannon, The Smiths, Elvis Costello, Gorecki, Hank, Iggy/Stooges, Queen, Johnny Cash, J.S.Bach, Joni Mitchell, The Pixies/Frank Black, The NYDolls, (early) Cult, The Crystal Method, Steve Earle, St. Germain, Sly, Bootsie, George, (early) Elton John, Marvin Gaye, Santana, (early) Rod, Alice, Lightfoot, The Bee Gees, Radiohead, Pistols/PIL/Lydon, Prince, OMD, Pink Floyd, Neil Diamond, Nirvana, Crue, Lloyd Cole, Lee Scratch Perry, Marley, Zep/Page, Joy Division, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, GnR, Mott/Hunter, Husker Du, Kiss, Motorhead, Oscar Peterson, Psychadelic Furs, Social D, The Replacements, The The, UK Subs, Van Halen, Dylan, Bowie, Depeche Mode, Mozart, Hendrix, Coltrane, New Order, Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Stones, Oasis, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Police, The Undertones, The Velvet Underground, Beethoven
What equipment do you use?
Computer, God.
Anything else?
Whatever you want to contribute.