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LoLo Luchiano
LoLo Luchiano
2 Tracks
the Time is Now
My name is Lo Lo Luchiano born and raised on the southside of chicago,il. I rep It till I die to the fulliest.,I currently live in louisville,ky.I got love for the midwest and dirty south i been in the underground game for a while rappin and producing, and helping people start underground labels..........also I am CEO of music mafia inc. started in 2006.a.k.a( the golden child, poppa lo, don luchi, a.love,lucky lo, Lo Lo,Luchi) produced for atlantic recording artist Nappy Roots1998-2001/B.E.T teen summit talent show with double dose in 1998............................................. my first solo album if you aint know the mix tape(the hustla, the gangta, the man and the pimp) out now/ the second album born a hustla coming late summer2007/the dvd Im just me coming in Dec..2007............ for more info, booking, to get a copy of the mixtape or holla about some beats by call 502-457-6960 or hit musicmafiainc@yahoo.com
Band/artist history
I been Producing seriously for about 5 years now and Ive been rapping for like ten years Ive been on albums with Nappy Roots and I use to produce for them from 1998-2001 I have been mainly working around the underground circut on diffrent peoples compalations..........I started my label in 2007 called Music Mafia Inc. so I can put out my own music after years of dealing with other indie labels not lasting the test of time........... the first realese is a mixtape produced and perfomed by me with one track being produced by my brother Derrick J a.k.a Speaker Boxx it was mixed and scratched by the late great Dj Chyl my friend in the struggle rest in piece homie....The first album will be coming in 2008 the future is now are you ready for the NEXT.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I will Be doing shows starting in 2007 throught the Midwest and parts of the south mainly in Chicago Il.,Louisville Ky.,St.Louis Mo.,Bowling Green ky.,and Milwaukee Wi. potientially Atlanta Ga. and some surronding midwest counties and towns....................I love to perform it is the ultimate high.....My most special perfomance moment was my very first real show, it was onBET's former show TeenSummit in 1998 with the duo double dose Me and one of one of my girl partners did the show live on tv. I have opened shows for Nappy Roots,Chingy, The YingYang Twins, B.G.,Juevinille,and a list of other underground concerts............Ill See you at A show near You Holla at ya peoples
Your musical influences
I'm influenced by all music and the world wide struggle.
What equipment do you use?
I got a Mv-8000 and the Yamaha motif6