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Jimmy Lee and G The Connection
Jimmy Lee and G The Connection
2 Tracks
Jimmy Lee and G – The Connection is a fusion of genres in the vein of Floetry’s, Floetic, or R. Kelly’s and Jay-Z’s, Best of Both Worlds. The music bein
Jimmy Lee and G â The Connection is a fusion of genres in the vein of Floetryâs, Floetic, or R. Kellyâs and Jay-Zâs, Best of Both Worlds. The music being created here, however, fuses even more styles. The group consists of two artists who are as much different as they are alike and bring a rich talent and energy to every production. While the group is essentially a marriage of R&B and Hip-Hop, many other sounds emanate from these works. Jimmy Lee is a classically trained vocalist (Chicago Fine Arts, All-City) who had originally aspired to be an opera singer (DePaul University, Sherwood Conservatory). Even still, he brings elements of Jazz, Gospel, and Hip-Hop to his soulful R&B styling. G is an encyclopedia of Hip-Hop and Urban Music whose rhymes are rich and metaphorical. He too pulls from inspirations even outside of Hip-Hop to craft a style that is yet unheard in the Urban Market. He draws strongly from life as he knows it in the hoods of Chicago and spins a bold web of rhymes mused by R&B, Blues, Alternative and more. Despite their different backgrounds, they come together beautifully in song with works that demand industry attention. Both Jimmy Lee and G are master-lyricists and consistently challenge producers and each-other to excel. Both artists have mastered the ability to think and perform outside the limits of their genres creating an entirely new sound, thus a new wave in Urban Arts.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Right now we don't have a regular place to perform but when we do we will be sure to inform.
What equipment do you use?
Everything from mpc's to keyboards.
Anything else?
Give us 2 mins of your time, you wont be disappointed.