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Weezil Malone
Weezil Malone
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Blues singer, Blues guitars, taken a little bit from all my heros and giving back 110% in thanks to them and the audience.
Pray All Night
All veterans of studio and live performing, road dogs that don't know the meaning of stopping. We play cuz we love it . There is no bigger thrill to any of us than playing to a crowd of people songs we have written, recorded, and watching those fans dance,whistle,yell,just getting down to boogie. And then to hear those folks singing the words back to you, letting you know they have been listening...Everyone wants to be heard and this lets us know we have. Gordy Howe is the Bass player out of Blues heaven as is his partner in rythm, drummer J.R. Rios, and myself, the lucky guy who gets to front these fantastic musicians singing and playing guitar, Larry "Weezil Malone".
Band/artist history
"With a voice that recalls Magic Dick of the J. Geils Band or Rick Estrin of Little Charlie & the Nightcats, Malone presides over an instrumental mix which includes his stinging guitar adding heat to a solid rhythm section. He can carry a laidback tune adding the right embellishments to bring the song to life, or get a growl down and dirty as a product of years of smoky rock and roll houses where the rules are, the meaner the better" Mark Smith-West Michigan Blues Society. "You have a lot of personality in your music and are a real talent as a songwriter. Real tasty slide playing..." Bruce Iglauer- Alligator Records Playing and singing with real gut feelings and a sense of sharing gives Weez an extra bond with an audience. He has that special something that allows him to reach into and grab his feelings from within and than send them out to the crowd through his guitar and vocals. A humble, but not shy person, makes him likable and believable as he sings stories about his colorful past, current life experiences, and stories of those around him. "Life is to be shared, that's what love is", and Weez is not afraid to share it. He has brought his philosophy to the band and they have all adopted it..........PEACE IN THE BLUES.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As much as possible, anywhere we can.
Your musical influences
Buddy Guy, Willie Dixon, Albert Collins. Love the Texas blues and the Electric Chicago style. A little taste of Delta can be felt in the writing.
What equipment do you use?
I am a straight in the amp guy using; a red tele with cream binding front and back and a 1953 V-neck I call Old Red for slide work, a tobacco burst Les Paul Standard with bare naked humbuckers my better half has named Leslie and considers her rival for my attention, and a Fender steel resonater. Amps are a Fender blues Deville with 4 10's and an early 70's Super Reverb with 4 10's. I can't see a reason for owning any other amps, these fenders can do it ALL ! Plug in a guitar, close yer eyes, and you can almost see the gates of heaven swinging and the angels jammin'! Wah wah pedal was the only effect I used for years but have recently taken up using a bit of analog delay on some pieces.
Anything else?
The Weezil Malone Band have compiled a CD that, to date, has revealed a most telling tale of the scope and extent of their imaginative capabilities. Larry Fitz (a.k.a. Weezil Malone), with sometimes co-writer Mike Rizzo, has penned 13 handcrafted originals in this, their latest release, entitled Everythings Good. Starting with the discs first cut, Two in the Morning, a get out of your chair and boogie jumper, that effectively employs some rather stylish rock hooks, you sense there is something special going on here. Malones haunting Thirty Days, harks back to primal recording effects found on long forgotten rockabilly LPs of the 50s. The bands instrumental For Freddy reveals a surprisingly strong boogie backbeat previously unheard from keyboardist Mike Rizzo. Mike contributed three compositions to this disc. Rizzos corpulent rhythms provide a fine framework from which these tunes derive a unique laidback sound. Producer Gordon Howe, the bands bass player, has done a commendable job on the studio aspects of this release. Howe, a much sought after recording engineer in the West Michigan area, is gaining a reputation in Michigan as an up and coming producer. From his opening licks on the first track Two in the Morning, to his finely tuned embellishments on the cut Wild and Free, one can understandably surmise why Weezil is considered one of the premiere songwriters in the Mid-West. Weezil Malone Band has once again reinvented themselves, transforming into a musical unit that is taking the blues genre into a new configuration. By bending the basics of blues, R&B and rockabilly, along with tweaking the signatures of different shuffle tempos, beat mixtures, and instrumentation, they have, as others have, turned an old song into a new tune. Durable blues groups such as the Weezil Malone Band recreate the music but the genesis is still blues. So right now why dont you just pour yourself a tall cool one, prop those legs on the coffee table, and slip in this CD. Enjoy an original production of invention from a band called Weezil Malone and the King Sized Blues Band. Everythings Good! Felix Ybarra Contributing Writer Big City Rhythm and Blues Magazine Detroit, MI I got to hear a preview of a CD coming out that was total refreshment to my old blues auditory system. Appropriately named "HEROES", it is a collection of songs that the Heroes of Weezil Malone have released and performed that most influenced Weezil as a player and writer. Though all the songs are not "standards" on most blues bands set lists, they are tunes that all blues hounds will recognize and relish when they hear them. Weezil has played most of the tunes on his own set lists after learning them and through the years his own style and voicings have crept in and turned each song into a piece that is familiar but fresh. Fans that follow The Weezil Malone Band have long appreciated that Weezil has kept the roots of the blues in his live sets, and Bruce Iglauer, president and founder of Alligator Records says, "it is a comfort to know that someone from my old home town is keeping the trdition going". The disc isn't scheduled to be released until mid 2012, though some preview/teaser discs have been made available to the public at some live shows, it is definitely one that will be worth the wait. A new disc for 2013 has been added to the list. Full Circle is a double disc that covers songs written and/ or performed by Weezil from the year 2000 to 2013. Some tunes are new, some are reworked and improved. The project reflects the maturity the band had gained from sticking it out for nearly 15 years together, truly growing into the rockin'est little blues band to come rollin' into town.
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