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Spencer Savage
Spencer Savage
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I'd Probably Be A Satanist Too
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Happy Birthday, I Love You (w/Stephanie Mulachy)
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This is my heart.
Band/artist history
The current projects I'm working on include A, Her Name Here, Future Sounds, He Himself, and Michelle Isn't Funny. The previous projects I've done include Innocent Bystanders, Lack of Regard, Summerset Drive, Seven Story June, A Painful Silence, Calvin And The Slobs, Here For Show, Everything But Anything. I've done other side projects that are out there on MySpace and ipods somewhere. I've got thirty or so songs up for download right now. I've got some more older and live songs that I haven't put up that are out there for the die hard fans haha. There are a couple. Here's a brief description of what I'm currently doing. A: Jazz/Improv/Noise. I am in love with this band. It is close to everything I've wanted in a band. We bring a lot of crazy stuff on stage with us. Last time, one of the guys brough on a toy piano to jam on, and we brought a snowglobe to play into the microphone to start the show. There are nine guys that would call themselves in the band, but we are always jamming with different people, and I don't ever think all nine guys will be at the show. We have a couple structured songs and the rest is whatever goes. Sometimes we play in a certain key, sometimes we have no key or set beat. Free jazz. That is always my favorite. It's a lot of what I've been listening to. It's unpredictability is what I love. www.myspace.com/blackblackblackblackblackblack Her Name Here: Experimental/Hardcore. You won't find musicians that are more into the music they are making. We go absolutely insane during our performances. If you want to see musicians who truly love what they do, come see us. We are usually playing for my girlfriend, or one of their girlfriends, and that is it. www.myspace.com/hernamehere He Himself: Ambient. I think this music is very pretty. I work with a lot of the same people in this band as I work with in the other bands. We do this band whenever we can't be too loud. Future Sounds: Rap/Pop. This group is definitely fun. People are always dancing at our shows. There's a lot of talent in this band. www.myspace.com/futuresoundsct
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play all over the place. The webster is a place we play often. But we've played at The Space, the community center in our town, various American Legions and Knights of Columbus. We played in a Church. Everywhere. The best shows we've played are the free shows that go on at people's houses or just because it's a special event or something. The next best are the ones put on by bands. The church show was put on by a local band and it was $5 to get in. You came the night of to get tickets. I love all shows, but I don't like preselling tickets. At most venues it becomes more about money than having good music playing. I'd love to just set up with my band outside these venues and say hey come see us play for free.
Your musical influences
The Receiving End of Sirens, Casey Crescenzo, Toilet Duck, Claude Schweineman, Rachel Russo, Fight Club, Steve Brown's New Poems, The Historic, Donnie Darko, Michael Andrews, Anthony Green, Good Sex, Sigur Rós, Tape Reels For Eyes, I Hate Myself, people that care about things, people that don't care about anything, any musician I've ever worked with.
What equipment do you use?
Acoustic guitar, synth, reason, drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, anything else I can get my hands on.
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