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WB and the Me Band
WB and the Me Band
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A Unique, Soloist, Outlaw ... who's band ' WB and the Me Band' consists of just Me, Me, Me, Me and Me. I compose and perform a wide array of music. Not just cou
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The latest designs of multi talented musicians is ' WB and the Me Band. ' Consisting of W.B. Vaughan, on guitar & lead vocals. W.B. on Bass guitar and harmony vocals. W.B. on varied background instruments, (Piano, Harmonica, Banjo, etc.) as well as vocal harmonies. And of course, last but not least? Who else but W.B. on Drums. The believe the idea, fits this new age. Don't cha think?
Band/artist history
Honestly, there's just to much to put here. I've played with the first Rock band, in Grand Ledge, MI., back in 1963, before the Beatles were ever heard of here. Called The Grand Aires, and was in the process of changing it to the Road Runners. Even composed the theme song for that band. Story to follow later, as it actually was stolen from us, and it became well known by another artist. Also before the Beatles got here. I had long hair, before they showed up, as well? Longer than their's. I had or started several other bands thru the years. The Androids (1965 ) The Crystal River Mud Band, (1967), which morphed into the Crystal Ship in '68-70. Then I played with the original Nirvana, (it was started in 1969), I joined them in 1972 thru 1975. We did both '73 and '74, Jerry Lewis, MD Telethons. With full nation wide coverage in '74's performance, as they were doing it from the Mariott Hotel, in Philly that year. And due to a freak situation when the star for the 8:10 time slot, wasn't there. So they left us on, and we went out over nation-wide, broadcast on CBS, that Sunday Evening. We (Nirvana), also opened in Philly, for the Stones, at the Spectrum in '73. They needed a good, local band with a large following. And we had that! We sold out the show for them, with over 54% of the ticket sales, cause the Stones' weren't well like in Philly back then. I did a solo tour in 1971 almost to 72. Hit all 48 states. 5 cities, per state. Plus a lot of Big Charities, along that tour. I'm working on a book. Like I said, too much to list here. Some funny! Some not so funny issues throughout my life. But I'm a surviver!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes! But places or venues are getting few and far between. I'm doing a lot of fundraisers, right now. Trying to use my talent and music to aid the poor, ill and low income, who keep falling further behind here. My largest benefit, I produced, personally, raised over a 1/4 million dollars for a little girl's, special surgical needs. And I did this while being homeless, myself. Unfortunately, her father found out, I was homeless. And was upset that what he considered, a bum? Was actually able to raise this kind of finances. Yet, I couldn't raise enough to help himself off the streets at the time. That's just how it works! Ya Know? BTW any Sales of the songs here will go 100% to the Good Samaritan Group to aid their work in helping those less fortunate than ourselves so BUY a track or two and help somebody somewhere.
Your musical influences
Merl Haggard, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr., Beatles, Elvis, Old timers like Vaughn Monroe, Frankie Lane, Eddie Arnold, Big band leaders like Billy Vaughn, ( thought I was related? LOL) Glenn Miller, The Birds, The Animals, The Kinks, Roy Orbison, Ray Charles, Even some classical music, like Bach, Beethoven ... a real montage of varied music. Therefore ... I'm not just country? I'm very very, diversified, on my writing. I just seem to do country best.
What equipment do you use?
Right now? A 100 watt, Fender one man, PA. my, new (well, 5 yr old now), $69.00 Honer Acoustic, Dreadnought, (I setup myself, plays like butter), and my Fender, Amer., Tele., also setup by me. A Shure, Beta 58 mic. And seveal Cheap off brands for recording. A Roland 60 mini amp (nice), and a Yamaha, Elec. Piano as well as a cheap, Japan, no name, circa, 1964 drum set, sparkle blue, with cheap off-brand cymbals. Remember? Do the best I can with what I have to work with.
Anything else?
I'll think of something later.
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