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Odd Austin
Odd Austin
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Comedy/Parody music at it's funniest with clever lyrics and great music.
Odd Austin is a parody artist, who writes and records obviously, parody music, his songs might also be described as dementia or comedy, but Iâm sure you already knew that, aside from writing music Austin enjoys watching TV, obsessively checking his email to see what updates might have come in the last two minutes, and talking in the third person. He got started in the early 2000s, he was sitting in class probably gluing together some pointless arts and craft assignment in fourth grade and his friend Matt was singing this song, a curious Austin said, âWhat are you singing you freak!â. Then he responded âYoda, by Weird Alâ. That day Odd Austin was born. After that he wrote down lyrics in a book bought for him previously, he filled the journal with lyrics of any thing that randomly came into his head. I think there was even a song about seatbelts in there. We would advise you not to look further into this lyric book that marks the origins of his music, most of the lyrics in there would most likely be classified as âœAwfulâ쳌, there really no point in emailing to ask if you could get some of the lyrics from it, unless you would like to gouge your eyes out after approximately two seconds of reading. Umâ where was Iâ oh right! In mid-2005 Austin tried to record some of these songs in the most pathetic way possible, a tape recorder! Obviously these songs sounded terrible, but once he heard that his uncle Travis had a recording system on his computer called Magix, Austin first said âWould you help me record?â So in late 2005 Austin had his first demo album, a small ten track CD with parodies of Green Day and other related punk artists. The following year he released five more demo albums thus creating a small fan base via MySpace and other internet sites. Since then Austin has been played on The Dr. Demento Show, The Mad Music Dementia Top 20 (With 3 songs hitting #1 to date), The Mad Music Show, and Kahn Man's Comedy Corner to name a few. His music has been described as hilarious and clever by many and a few have even called some of his songs the funniest recording theyâve ever heard. At the extremely young age of 15, Austin is quite possibly the youngest comedian in the parody music industry today, and is opening doors to a promising future in dementia music. In 2008 he began recording his first studio album âœWrong Side of the Bedâ쳌 which was in the making for over four years. Check out Austin's , , , , , , and see the . Also be apart of history and ! Buy for less then a dollar an MP3!
Band/artist history
REQUEST ODD AUSTIN ON DR DEMENTO- If you have any free time and you like my music go over to http://drdemento.com/request/ and request my songs, you can also send in an audio file of you saying the request, if the song is played you will receive a free listen to the show. Send as many requests as you can, being on The Dr. Demento Show is a big deal and it will help me get some exposure. , so if you could please go request me and maybe the good Dr. will give me a play on his legendary radio show, again. ASK AUSTIN- Do you lie awake at night, crying and gnashing your teeth, tossing and turning, yelling out "Why! Why oh why can't I ask Odd Austin what kind toxic substance he spreads on his toast for breakfast?". Well Aeschifans, now you don't have to, (By the way the answer to the question is any sort of item on the McDonald's menu) because now just for you I have launched "Ask Austin" all you have to do is email me at here. Send your name, the date, and obviously your question. Ask as many questions as you want, as frequently as you want. Keep in mind that all questions should be appropriate and if this rule is broken then questions won't be posted. SPREAD THE WORD!- Are you a fan of Odd Austin? Do you enjoy his crazy parody music? Well spread the word. Tell every one you know (Even your pet goat) about him and encourage them to see his many pages on the internet. Heck even ask 'em to buy an album or two. Be apart of the building of his future career. If you have any other questions message him on MySpace or look in at the latest Ask Austin for more information. Also if you have connections to any record labels or recording companies in the Colorado area and feel like helping out. Please contact Austin, by emailing him at oddaustin@gmail.com.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, and it's awesome! I play mostly here in Colorado, however, I have played in Florida. Eventually I want to be able to tour, that'd be cool.
Your musical influences
"Weird Al" Yankovic, Heywood Banks, Tenacious D....
What equipment do you use?
This is just a guess but... microphone?
Anything else?
ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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