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Eddy Zadik
Eddy Zadik
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Right now we are the best band out there!
Eddy Zadik Born in a Liverpool taxi on the way to a rugby game, Eddy Zadik was raised by Foster folks and Nannies. He later became the greatest rock drummer of this millennium. Moving from town to town Eddy's last adopted family finally ended up in Hollywood Ca. Where they built the great Zadik Motion Picture Production Company and helped form the California music coalition. That's where Eddy first picked up the Guitar and knew his destiny. After three years of hard work Eddy was heard all over the mainstream. Radio stations like K.L.O.D. "Good morning Eugene" and several Canadian Rock stations played Eddy Z. music on a weekly rotation. He was living his dream. Eddy's bands were playing week nights at clubs like "The Whiskey" and the "Troubadour". In bands Eddy would switch roles depending on the musical needs. One day he would be the drummer, the next he would be the singer. While playing in a band called "COLONEL ED" Eddy was frontman and percussionist. His drum riser would bring him right up head level with the other members of the band. "It was hard work" "I used to work my routines out with a hammer in each hand all day long until the gig" says Eddy in a recent interview. Obviously musically and culturally progressed, Eddy's seen the darkside too. Almost cutting his own hands off, Eddy tried to take his own life once. In a fit of depression he realized he couldn't find a knife or a blade handy and narrowly escaped without actually doing it. Eddy's band history incl
Band/artist history
On Drums: Eddie Zadik is known all over the world for his outrageous performances and no holds barred drum attack style. With three years under his belt with the famous "Sea City Dolls" EZ feels right at home pounding out fast numbers like "Nobody," "Dont touch me," and "Mind." Eddy voes to make all who attend SCD shows, a fist waving SCD FANATIC!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Seattle Washington
Your musical influences
AC DC, Ramones, Social Distortion, Hanoi Rocks, New York Dolls, Kix, Angel City, and Big-time Wrestling
What equipment do you use?
Not endorsing anyone at this time