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IceMan -The Don-
IceMan -The Don-
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South, Gangsta, Gangsta Rap, Freestyle Rap, Hip Hop
On Chill
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Can't Stop Rappin'
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Rock Star
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Quinton E. Otis, otherwise known as IceMan (or Tony "Black" Soprano) was born in Ca$hville, TN. to Terrance Otis and Kim Dillard. The tragic death of his father when he was just ten years old, forced his mom Kim to move Quinton to low income housing in the inner city. Kim worked hard to provide the best opportunities for her family and education for her son, however due to a devastating illness, Quinton found most of his time being spent with his grandmother. He recalls, "I remember listening to gospel music on the way to Sunday school every Sunday, she wanted me to be a preacher", he laughs. Due to his grandmother's devote religion practices, Otis was forced to sneak and listen to his rap idols which included the likes of the Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z. Otis attended Antioch High School, where he met best friend Terrance C. Lake. It was with the inspiration and help of Lake that his entrepreneurial flair was first exhibited through a successful math project, that he added his lyrical talents to and later sold for profit to his classmates. This dynamic duo would come to form The Desert Eagles. Sadly before their debut album could be released Lake took his own life by way of suicide. The loss of his best friend coupled with the death of his grandmother, sent Otis into a downward spiral that he would sit in for many years vowing "never to rap again". It wasn't until the birth of his son, Otis would find a new guiding source and inspiration. With his son as new motivation, he found new focus and set out to give the rap game something it had been yearning for, a true hip hop artist, and from Nashville, TN non the less. With his right hand men, Nazdaq, Raw, and manager J. Rich (Two 3), Otis formed U. N. T. ., where he has produced several mixtapes, and a debut album called "IceMan: The Diary". While Otis works to secure a record deal, he continues to discover, underground artist, such as Eric Staten, known as Raw, newest member Mystery from Philly. IceMan along with Raw has released the mixtape Grand Theft Audio III: Don't Become A Statistic Summer 2006 and Memorial Day: Ice City (2CD set solo mixtape) 04-10-07. Ice also Plans to release R & B Gangsta, Vol. 1 fall/winter 2007. If that was not enough IceMan will be releasing a 5 song EP free for download online that has a very heavy rock influence called The Code Blue Experience 05-09-2007. www.myspace.com/icethedon www.myspace.com/icecityalumni www.unt-entertainment.com Quinton "IceMan" Otis P.O. Box 280801 Nashville,TN 37728 IceMan@unt-entertainment.com www.unt-entertainment.com Phone (888) 597-9686 Fax (888)597-9686 W.U.N.T. Rap Radio http://www.wuntradio.com
Band/artist history
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Nashville, ATL, Detroit. & Oregon.
Your musical influences
Fat Joe, Killa Cam, Dip Set, & me and my niggas.
What equipment do you use?
My Mind, and a Computer
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