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CameronMurray aka Trip D
CameronMurray aka Trip D
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New style of hiphop, cant really compare to anything, check it out and judge for yourslef.
My name is cameron murray, an east coast newfoundland hiphop artist with my own style and my own way of doing it. I go by the name trip d, and im part of the hiphop group 2RC.
Band/artist history
The history goes back too far for me to remember, it realy just originated as a group of friends that broadened and developed a love for making music and letting other people hear it. It became a hobbie for me to create songs for people to hear and let it come to them as either an eye opener, shock value, or something you could juss sit back and bump to.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live performances dont happen that often, im nott one to schedual something on my own and go through with it. I usually juss introduce myself to a group of people, and if they wanna hear me through a little verse together im happy to do it.
Your musical influences
pfff, i dont know who to compare myself to, i've pretty much been influence from all types of music. Though my genre is rap/hiphop i can listen to 2pac all the way to Frank Sinatra.
What equipment do you use?
All i use is a mic to record, and the acid pro 7.0 program to edit, and its all done in the basement of my friend Dizzies house.
Anything else?
Umm nott much else too say, juss hear me out and check out my shit. And if u dont like it.. go fuck yourself, it dont phase me.