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Susan Raines
Susan Raines
Sunshine Coast, Australia
July 01, 2007
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A Multi-Genre Singer/Songwriter from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia.
Band/artist history
I've been in a number of bands over the past 30+ years, but I have only recently started writing songs myself. I now produce my songs using a cheap M-Box2 Mini and Protools LE8. I have sung for as long as I can remember. My grandmother would get me to sing old 'music hall' songs on the kitchen table at the age of 5. Music was constant during my school years. I did a couple of school musicals and also sung in school and church choirs. I also sung with the 'Linnet Girls Choir' at the newly opened Sydney Opera House in the early 70's. My mother introduced me to musical comedy and by the time I was 18 I had performed in at least 20 different musicals. During the 80's I was lead vocalist in 'Get Smart' and 'Pleasure Pulse' both bands based in Sydney. In recent years I sung in a contemporary folk trio called 'Halkian' and more recently I was singing in a band called 'Indigo Dingo' on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, both bands recorded CD's. In 2008, my good friend Jeff McDonald, who was the drummer 'Pleasure Pulse' during the 80's suggested I 'stand in' as Lead singer for Hell-Bent as cover band from Newcastle a 1000kms away . I had to learn 46 songs in 3 weeks fortunately all rock & roll standards It was a great gig considering we had one practise the night before the gig and I've had the opportunity to go back to Newcastle a few times since. Check out my videos to see some of the songs performed or listen to all the covers on my player.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Vocally I am very versatile and capable to sing all genres well. I have always sung in bands that played their own original material. However recently I have been 'standing in' for the vocalist of a cover band called 'Hell-Bent' from Newcastle. It's been great fun and I've had the opportunity to extend my repertoire, which is great because I 'jam' at a number of jam sessions around the Sunshine Coast. Probably the most memorable moment was a gig with my first band. We were support band for the 'Hoodoo Gurus' in the early 80's. It was such a great gig and the 'gurus' were lovely guys, they were very generous, supportive and professional.
Your musical influences
I have many musical influences, but try not to stick to any one genre. I get bored easily with singing the same song, the same way and like to alter it vocally using my whole vocal range.
What equipment do you use?
I use an M-Box 2 Mini with Protools 8LE, a Shure Beta58A Microphone and of course my vocal chords.
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