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Osei Ovids Infin8 Soul
Osei Ovids Infin8 Soul
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Osei Ovid born on the cusps of rebirth somewhat of an elusive chameleon. I am a doer in addition to being a dreamer who possesses a rather no-nonsense attitu
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Hi everyone Thanks for bringing positive energy to this wrinkle of universal space. Communicating with the language of music is essential to human survival. Don't forget to help support future projects. rate all songs and please enjoy these tracks Thanks Again Osei Ovid
Band/artist history
I started experimenting with sounds in 2003 when a friend gave me a computer program called rebirth. Soon after I began to utilize cool-edit pro, fruityloops and acid pro. Now I let the the universal language of music continue to interpret itself to me with every breath that flows in my body. I am currently working on a Sound scape called Sword Swinger...Stay tuned it is really Cool.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
... These sound-scapes are concocted within parallel life, inspired to propel future generations and digitally composed to take you on an audio adventure.
Your musical influences
The first few years of my life were spent around various military bases with my mother. Initially she exposed me to the music of the time which was the phat 70's tracks that were inspired by everything before it and paved the path of modern music. Without experiences like Jimi Hendrix singing Hey Joe, my mother dancing me on her shoe tops singing OOOH child, watching Herbie Hancock performing Rockit, or Van Halen saying might as well Jump then I might have not taken the plunge into the talent pool. Music is one of the only forms of communication that allows everyone to connect without having to say one word. Abstract to Zydeco
What equipment do you use?
usually a computer with some soft-synth programs, keyboard, and a mouse. I have begun to mix and spin again.
Anything else?
Seek and you shall find
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