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Trendsetters and future icons are only mere words that describe the true talent that is Empire City. This group of young, musically passionate individuals seeks to give new meaning to the phrase Conscious Hip-Hop. From their colorful yet innovative lyrics to their moving and rhythmic filled beats, Empire City births a new relevant genre of hip- hops true message. Cory Armstead a.k.a. Ceasar, Clifford Thurman a.k.a. Milli and Lawrence Boddie a.k.a. Kidd Lucci make up the Empire City dream team. These young men all had humble beginnings growing up in urban Atlanta. Meeting in a slightly unorthodox manner, Empire City initially began as a small candy selling franchise. Their savvy business mind created quite a lucrative high school venture. With Jucies and Hot Fries at the helm of their entrepreneurial success, they all had a thirst for more. After a simple car ride and a freestyle battle, the future legends were born. Ceasar, a then high school junior from the Dogwood and Edgewood areas, brought his street conscious New York inspired lyrical content. Milli, a then sophomore from Etheridge (West Side Atlanta), infused his music video knowledge and thought provoking verbal innovation. Kidd Lucci, also a then sophomore from the Bowen Holmes area of Atlanta, saturated his known vocal training influenced by the Doo-Wop era coupled with his exceptional skills in production and colloquial verbiage. This group of refreshingly original men becomes a force to be reckoned with when they have a microphone in their hands and a beat to spit to. Empire Citys sound is unlike your average run-of-the mill rap and hip hop. Their musical sound and concept is slightly reminiscent of the early ATL rap scene strongly influenced by Outkast, Goodie Mob and Kilo. Empire Citys outreach and targeted listener base is universal. They want their music to reach and be transcendent to all age groups, races and sexes. With apparent crossover hits like "Jump Around" that would appeal to the avid club goers or "Lets Do It" that are strictly for the nostalgic Atl Old Skool hip hop fans, Empire City is ready to make proverbial waves in the vast music industry ocean. Not only has Empire City taken the music industry by storm, their versatility within the entertainment and fashion industries will definitely give them relevant staying power. The long and short term goals set out for this group are very attainable with their evident hard work and musical ingenuity. Overall, the members of Empire City would like for their music to be recognized and respected as viable and artistically conscious sending a message to current and future generations. It is clear that Empire Citys mark in the music industry will be a great one.
Band/artist history
check out the bio.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
we do shows all around atlanta, ga and neighboring citys. south carolina, north carolina, alabama, florida. We did a show in atlanta once and somebody who didnt know who we were approached us about our logo. He followed by telling us he had a hoodie with the logo on it at home. He said how much he loved to wear the hoodie and had no idea where he got it from. That was inspirational.
Your musical influences
us= EmpireCity
What equipment do you use?
fruityloops, acid pro, protools
Anything else?
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