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Silkes Kabaren
Silkes Kabaren
135 Tracks
Experimental music by 4 kids from Sweden.
Katten ulltuss
Peak in sub-genre #21
Mardrommens forbannelse
Peak in sub-genre #24
Spokmusik fran den trasiga radion
Peak in sub-genre #30
Rattan som stal sockervadden
Peak in sub-genre #26
Surrnade bikupan
Peak in sub-genre #88
are a band with 4 children who play exactly as they want, and you can call it; experimental and electronic music and they are from Sweden.
Band/artist history
Silkes Kabaren was started in april 2006 by the members Otrivin Menthol, Pirat Babisen and Punk Hjarta. APRIL 22, 2006 The first CD 'silkes kabaren' was released. JULY & AUGUST 2006 The new member Godis Pudeln joined the band (Godis Pudeln was only 6 years old when she joined Silkes Kabaren) and in august 2, 2006 the second CD 'den magiska showen' was completed. AUGUST 14-17, 2007 The band had a very creative period in 2006. The third and fourth CD, 'Morka natur symfonier' and 'Cirkus musik fran rymden' was completed. NOVEMBER 21, 2006 The fifth CD 'Halloween' was released. JULY 26, 2007 The sixth CD 'monster natten' (the monster night) was completed and released. MAY 31, 2008 The sevent CD 'den nya stilen' (the new style) with a new music style was released. 2009 All members took a break from silkes kabaren in 2009 because we all were very busy with other things in life (school, homework, dancing, birthday partys, friends and so on). APRIL 11, 2010 The eigth CD 'mystik i trollskogen' (mystics in the troll forest) was finaly completed and released.
Your musical influences
We enjoy experimental music.
What equipment do you use?
Otrivin Menthol = Micro Korg, drummachine, computer and recording. Pirat Babisen (the pirate baby) = Micro Korg Punk Hjarta (punk heart) = Micro Korg Godis Pudeln (the candy poodle) = Micro Korg Sometimes we also use other instruments for ex; harmonica and guitar.
Anything else?
1. Silkes Kabaren (the silk cabaret) 2006 2. Den magiska showen (the magical show) 2006 3. Morka natur symfonier (dark nature symphonies) 2006 4. Cirkus musik fran rymden (circus music from space) 2006 5. Halloween 2006 6. Monster natten (the monster night) 2007 7. Den nya stilen (the new style) 2008 8. Mystik i trollskogen (mystics in the troll forest) 2010
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