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Young Blake(US)
Young Blake(US)
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Just check it out love it or hate it It's still gonna be my time to shine w.e the fuckin time is IM gonna be on my friend tryna keep my friend and my dough clos
Well here I am finally doing this soundclick tryna get me and my label farther out there to the viewers and listeners to check out my stuff more I mean popularity isnt everything but it takes heart to really make it into the business of music and I defenitely have that.
Band/artist history
I started out getting my tracks produced by who else than clc and he would find me beats and I would write and do tracks recording them over at his house and anyways well after that we came up with the scheme of my album btw its called My Time To Shine its in stores on here now so check it out if ya can was released earlier this year in about May 2007.The next album on the way is gonna be on fire way better quality way more to expect so stay tuned for A New Level and thats bout it just check back.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Well Im trying to get some shows booked and thanks to my friend clc and rappers from my Wreckonize Wreckordz we almost managed to get a gig at a club so hopefully sometime soon we'll be blown up and on stage in front of countless fans.
Your musical influences
Well Im a dirty south rapper but with real talk for people to be inspired by and really hear a message through my music but also I heard about this site from google Im gonna set the muthafuuuuucccckaaaaa off!!!!
What equipment do you use?
My friend and fellow rapper CLC's Studio--shit is fuckin tight son!
Anything else?
ZZZZ yeah this shit gets boring typing in all this but if ya have any deals about collabin or somethin wit me then holla to my phone number on the side of my page or contact CLC at killa_peep_n_htown@yahoo.com to purchase my album or whatever
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