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Omar Fights Back
Omar Fights Back
11 Tracks
Hip Hop straight from the Middle East, Fight Back Records, Omar Fights Back
'How U Like Us Like Da't by Fight Back Familia
FIGHT BACK FAMILIA's main members are: - OMAR FIGHTS BACK - (Movement Leader / Management / Executive Producer / Lyricist & Hip Hop Artist / Urban Sketch Artist) ADD OMAR FIGHTS BACK ON FACEBOOK: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/OMARFIGHTSBACK - MOHAMMED FIGHTS BACK - (Audio Producer / Song Writer, Lyricist & Hip Hop Artist / Co-Executive Producer) - SAMI FIGHTS BACK - (Co-Mangement / Co-Executive Producer / Investor) - FLIP DA script - (Behind the scenes) Our record label is FIGHT BACK RECORDS: www.fightbackrecords.com _________________________________________________________________________ About Fight Back Records LLC Fight Back Records was first conceived on January 2006 in the mind of a visionary young man of Palestinian origin named Omar Ismail Soboh (a.k.a. Omar Fights Back). The major purpose of establishing such a label was to create an official media gateway for expressing the daily views, opinions and feelings of frustration and inequality that todays youth have endured from a Middle Eastern point of view. Hip Hop being a global and powerful form of expression which is favored by todays generation regardless of their color, creed, religious backgrounds and/or convictions, has been chosen by fight back records as a vital and an indispensable tool for spreading the essence of the fight Back spirit throughout the world. Thus, Fight Back Records LLC (an independent label) was officially established on February 2007 and has grown into a fully functional hip hop/Rap production company. Fight Back Records houses one of the hottest and most talented Middle Eastern Hip Hop/ Rap producers of all time - Mohammed Fights back Soboh, as well as Sami Fights Back Jabri who also produces Hip/Hop beats during his free time. Fight Back Records first audio project to be released to the public is the Solo Hip Hop Album: NUMBER OF THE EAST, by none other than Fight Back Records own chief executive/Rap artist OMAR FIGHTS BACKSo if you are eager to listen to music that inspires, that makes you think and ask the right questions, if you are searching for a Hip Hop sound that is different from the rest of the garbage out thereif youre looking for melodies that intimidate and motivate, creative lyrics with a message, true words without any sugar coating, something worth the money youre going to spend!!then stay tuned to find out how you can purchase your CD copy of the album: NUMBER OF THE EAST. Also for more information about Fight Back Familia, Omar Fights Back and news and updates related to Fight Back Records, make sure you check out the following website: WWW.FIGHTBACKRECORDS.COM
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Mobb Deep, Tribe Called Quest, Liaison, Nature, Onyx, 2pac, Menace Clan, Xzibit, Dogg Pound, Dat Nigga Daz & Kurupt (back in the day), Dr. Dre, Cypress Hill, The Lox, Geto Boyz, Mic Geronimo, Obie Trice, Bizzy Bone, Flip Mode, etc....
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"Don't support the fake, support the Real"
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