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Half Dead Heroes
Half Dead Heroes
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This is Half Dead Heroes, we've been around for about a year now playing some local gigs, nothing major, but we are in it to get big. But who isn't right? We play a very different form of metal mixed with an indefinable style of alternative. We all love what we do, and we're a very close band in and out of the studio/jam space. Paul Stewart - Vocals James Archibald - Guitars (rhythm & lead) Darren George - Guitar (rhythm & lead) Mat Elliott - Bass/vocals Brad George - Drums
Band/artist history
Coming soon..
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we play live and we love it, we play all around Truro and Brookfield area at any venue that's hiring a band. It's the most incredible feeling, when you're up on stage. Special Moments are few and far between but when they strike, they hang around for a while to come.
Your musical influences
Musical influences and "sounds like" include Finch Billy Talent Nirvana Pantera Metallica Alexisonfire A.F.I. And a lot more not so mainstream bands, but you'll get the picture with those.
Anything else?
www.myspace.com/hdhofficial www.purevolume.com/halfdeadheroesns Thanks for your time reading this, and get the name out there, talk about us!