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Box Hill, Australia
June 06, 2007
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Hey I'm a Aussie Rapper, real sick of all a these 'musicians' talking bout trivial, superficial bullsh!t to the point every song is like a rendition of the previous. Especially when the people that buy their albums haven't always got what they are singing about. I'm bring hip hop back to the 'old skool' and doing what was meant to be done with it. USING IT AS A VOICE 2 EXPRESS MY OPINIONS AND THE INJUSTICES OF THE WORLD!!!!
Band/artist history
Loved music since I can ever remember. It was like it occupied every cell of my body. When I was 12 I got into Weird Al Yankovic and started making parodys like him. When I tryed to make a piss take of Eminem's Without Me, I made my own song and just kept going. I never knew it would become what it has for me, but I'm happy it did.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Most def!!! I love it!!! We run our own studio label, Memory Lane Studioz.
Your musical influences
2Pac, Ice Cube, Hilltop Hoods, Pegz, Muph & Plutonic, DJ Bonez, Funkoars, Immortal Technique. Marilyn Manson. Nirvana. Eminem. Pearl Jam. Dido. Alanis Morrisette. The Doors. Biggy Smalls. Eazy - E. Michael Buble. Drapht. Korn. Lennord Cohen. Dr. Hook. Prince. The Eagles. Mariah Carey. Nickleback. Helen Reddy. Lionel Richie. Bliss'n'Eso. Kaiser Cheifs. Metallica. Jet. Atmosphere. Red Jumpsuit Aparatius. Incubus. NWA. Air Supply. The Fray. Kelly Clarkson. The Bee Gees. Kurupt. Powderfinger. Ugly Duckling. ACDC. And last but certainly not least, the everyday people that delve deep into themselves for other people everyday.
What equipment do you use?
Cakewalk Audio Pro 9, Acid 6, A Mic, Fruity Loops, & My Mind.
Anything else?
ANYONE CAN RECORD WITH US!!! Love hearing music. And if your music is real, I would like to continue working with you, so if your a young artist with something to say or a view 2 express, drop me a msg on my facebook page. SUPPORT AUSSIE HIP HOP, AS WELL AS REAL HIP HOP!!! I've just set up the new studio, so if you wanna record, get at me!!
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