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Destiny Awaits
Destiny Awaits
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young rock talented progressive cathy
No Time
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Hi everyone, we are a five piece band and are all about 13. we play mainly rock songs and are now starting to create our own music, hense we now have an account on soundclick. we have played alot around the suffoulk area and we have a manager who is a very talented musician!!
Band/artist history
we started in febuary 2006 and ever since have had a practise pretty much every week! we have had 1 previous singer before our current singer who had to leave as he was to young, we played our first gig only 5 months after starting practises.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes we play live as much as possible!! we like it mostly at outdoor gigs because we have more space and we can turn our amps up more!!! our greatest momment was playing our local carnival on 2 40ft containers!!!
Your musical influences
are influences are many bands such as guns n roses aerosmith blink 182 etc. although we admire these bands we try not to sound like them!
What equipment do you use?
matt goward: lead vocals, shure microphones and yamaha 1000watt pa curtis culley:drummer, yamaha drum kit with titanium symbols!! harley cotton:lead guitarist, greg bennet guitar peavey transtube 40watt wah-wah pedal alesis effects pedal and equilizer ben meredith:rhythm guitarist, ibanez s520 and bc rich "the fly" guitars 200watt valvestate marshall amp, line 6 pod 2, akg bug wireless guitar system benjamin sheppard: bassist, peavey millenium bass with peavey 150watt amp
Anything else?
first album coming out in june "fate is calling"