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Ambient, electro, dance, and world fusion.
7 songs
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2006 Electro Acoustic Composition Techniques
2006 Electro Acoustic Composition Techniques Exercise.
Unattached part 3
Final part of the Unattached series. For some reason its in 11/4
Unattached pt 2
Part two of the Unattached series, with Erhu, Sitar, Tabla, and Fretless guitar!
Unattached Part 1
A funky ambient song with sitar, erhu and tabla. Part 1 of an unknown number of parts making up the Unattached series.
Really relaxing song, with nice wave sounds, and a really cool synth pad sound. Listen to this song if things are getting hectic!
Mothwire (previously Butterfly Wire - long story)is my (Mat Simpson in case you didn't know) new ambient and electro project. I just fell in love with ambient and groovy relaxing music (especially after hearing La Femme d'Argent by Air from their album Moon Safari) and started recording some relaxing,groovy and chilled out music, as well as having a break from writing guitar based music for a while. So far, 7 songs have been recorded for the first album which I have Liquid. Please email mothwire@hotmail.co.uk if you wish to get in touch.
Band/artist history
Just made up of me, Mat Simpson. Working under the title Mothwire to try and differentiate from my Mat Simpson music which is more guitar rock based (and also some classical composition I've been doing)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not at the moment; trying to work out how to play my music live!
Your musical influences
Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, Ayreon, Coheed and Cambria, The Mars Volta, Slayer, Eric Johnson, Jamiroquai, Daft Punk, Digitalism, Air, Richie Hawtin, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Pendulum, Adam F, Fedde le Grand, Leftfield CSS,New Young Pony Club, Phones, Debussy, Bach, film scores, Ravi Shankar, Venetian Snares.
What equipment do you use?
Recording: Ableton Live 6, Line 6 Toneport and Gearbox (for getting my guitar into the pc with a pre-amp). Behringer BCR2000, Numark DJ I/O Many many VST synths. Favourites at the moment are Syntar - the sitar plugin; MiniErhu - the erhu plugin (it is the weird sounding instrument at the beginning of Unattached part 2 and most of the way through part 1) and String thing (the cool melody at the end of Unattached part 1). Instruments: Ibanez RG350EX, Fender Squier Strat (was out of action but now back in because I removed the frets), Some kind of Vintage 12 string electo acoustic, and a battered Vintage V8 which i dont use at the moment. A random keyboard, and what I think is a "phin" (see my pictures) Effects: Boss MD-2 Distortion, Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah, Alesis Volume/Expression pedal, Alesis Guitar FX. Amp is Marshall MD15 it's poor but I dont use it that much.
Anything else?
If you like my music then please share the link with people. Music should be shared! Thanks www.myspace.com/mothwire
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