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Broadway Wesson
Broadway Wesson
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Rap, Spoken Word, Hip-Hop, old school, new school, positive vibes, hardcore rap, freestyle, Christian rap, alternative hip-hop, bass rap, techno, house, euro, d
Broadwaywesson was born in Haiti and was raised in Brooklyn from the age of 3. He brings the rough hood experiences combined with ethical principles to the table. The motive "is to remain within an ultimate good reflecting real talk always, even though I get on some hotsh$t". After all "to lie about experiences by commodifying social identity is to relate to a false reality", which is why he considers himself to be part of another moral code. The kid is from brooklyn and through the violence and gang banging, he's made it out with a B.S. in psychology and is progressive as he enters the game as a young business man. The "Told 2b The Man aka The Interview Mixtape" addresses, radicaly, social issues and dives into Broadway's personal motives. Look out for the Manuscripts droping this summer...."blessings" Broadwaywesson
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I perform for my sponsors RJC Promotion (myspace.com/romante05)...other than that, whenever, wherever, someone contacts the kid
Your musical influences
Nas inspired real talk, Biggie was my lyrical dad, Pac provided the depth of the talk and Jadakiss gave to me bars with punchlines...in addition Jay-Z kept me hype and showed my skills improvement and right now Broadwaywesson is amazing with the tounge...I freestyle albums (literally!!!)
What equipment do you use?
My tounge
Anything else?
Oh, yeah all of that without cursing or disrespecting females...get money my dude
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