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Jaya Khoobsurat
Jaya Khoobsurat
Adelaide, SA  Australia
May 31, 2007
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Jaya has been singing and writing for a few years now, with her first album 'Coloured Wings' an independent, self-funded, all Australian effort.. She is passionate about the environment: where will we live if Earth becomes a rubbish dump?; Animal welfare (especially the Cetaceans: Whales/Dolphins of the World, Tigers, and, Australian Wildlife) and, Child welfare and education... Her songs reflect this.
Band/artist history
I have been singing for many years, off and on, as the inspiration flows through me. Sometimes, fits and starts; but always, with passion. I would love to record again, in a professional studio, another album of uplifting and gloriously beautiful songs and sounds - to find those songs within, and hone the gifts with other musicians beautiful sounds.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Special moments? Pulling together concerts with many other performers, and, putting together my first album 'Coloured Wings'... while I have since recorded other works, I still hold fondly, my memories of completing this album, as an unsigned artist, with no musical background.. I was absolutely a novice, but, had vision.. yes, I'm proud of this effort.. but also, my other pieces too...
Your musical influences
The environments (Ocean. earth, animals, birds, cetaceans - esp. Whales), suffering, sorrow, joys and delights... all is inspiration. I grew up on the greats - Miles Franklin, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, the great Ella Fitzgerald; then, of 1970's - Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Ricki Lee Jones, Neil Diamond, Pink Floyd, Carol King; then later, Whitney Houston, Barbara Streisand, Nina Simone, Dizzie Gillespie, Charles Mingus, Boz Scaggs; the unreachable Josh Groban and the pure jewel Cecilia (from Norway), Diana Krall; now, Sami Yusef, Celtic Dream.... the list goes on, as there as so many rich and wonderful artists
What equipment do you use?
My voice, nature sounds, quality backings - orchestral, always beautiful, sometimes a simple Harmonium, a good quality microphone, and some reverb at times..
Anything else?
Great musicians and filmakers; good will; and respect for all kindness's that create beautiful, funky, and positive music. -------------------------------------------------------- A World without the beauty of the Animals is not a place to be.... An Ocean polluted and without life constitutes a dead planet - and, our own human extinction. PLEASE - wake up NOW!!! Your 'Mother' Earth, nurtures all that you need to sustain your precious life... Jaya Khoobsurat 2007-2017
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