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Maz Tha Young Vet
Maz Tha Young Vet
Montgomery, AL  USA
May 29, 2007
12,846 plays
What it do, What It Is, What the biz, This Maz thanks for taking a moment to check out my page. Check out orginal tracks produced by various soundclick beat makers themselves. Check the news section for updates. Hope u feeling them leave a message on my board and I'll get at cha. So Serious Chea!!!! BIO Coming from the south side of Montgomery Alabama, Maz has been writing and rhyming since the age of 9. At a young age he was very shy, not letting anyone know the potential that he had to become an underground force in southern Hip-Hop. Maz found out later on in life where his musical traits came from.. His Father... His Father was part of a local 70's group called "The Nomads" Who back then had the opportunity to open for The Temptations. But the group later seperated not being able to continue chasing their dream. But now the music has changed and now its his son time to step forth. With his laid-back flow, mixed with a little metaphor of lyrics, catchy hooks and sometimes rapid fire rhymes, He now want the internet world to hear and feel the expression of the young veteran. His hip-hop influences are Nas, Jay-Z, MAC & Rakim so you cannot expect a one dimension rhyme by him. He's constantly changing as an artist how he expresses himself when he rhymes over a beat. Whether its getting on a beat and straight rhyming or talking about the struggles that he's seen from his peers, The smooth laid back flow when it comes to speaking to the ladies through song, to the ready to go to war, amp up flow when rhyming with other talented artists, You can bet that he's going to do what he can to get your attention. The beat talks to me", says Maz "It lets me know off hand, how and what I should say on a record and whether I need help or just handle it solo. Not only do I want my verses to be on point but the hook as well. The hook carries the whole song so I make sure that the hook is top notch and then focus all my energy on what to say on my verses." When asked about his future as the next big thing coming out the south Maz replies, "To be honest, the industry right now is very cut throat to hip-hop artist. I don't think I would want to pursue it in that direction. don't get it twisted, I luv to rap but I rather be independent or get some kind of distrubution and publishing deal. A CEO of my own company or vice president of another company. Maz has quoted saying, " If your weakness is hard work, then your strength is failure!!
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