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Matt Lutack
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God's Talking To You
Believers hear His voice, turn your eyes toward Christ and believe.
The World Today
Like It Matters
Must Be Christmas Time
I am a Christian singer song writer. I play several instruments which allows me to write , record and produce music by myself.
Band/artist history
My first instrument has always been the guitar. In the early 70's the first group I joined did not need a guitar player but a drummer so I played drums. The band was called Vinney Bonne and we all loved 60's and 70's rock and half our songs were British invasion groups. We moved on to RB and changed a few members along the way and became very successful as Favorite Son. Then in the late 80's I joined a group called Intrigue they were more mainstream and pop with a female vocalist. I had began writing music in the early 90's and decided to pursue this with a group I helped form called SHE in the late 90's. This is where I met several artist and was greatly influenced by their writing and enjoyed writing with other artists. I found this to be very rewarding. By 2006 I had became a solo artist writing mostly Christian worship and praise songs. I am still doing this today and recording and producing all my own music myself.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes I loved performing with Favorite Son because we were so in sink with one another we could change from one song to another we had never played before and then back again without ever rehearsing it. I loved traveling with the band Intrigue to different venues up and down the west coast of California. My fondest memories were in Japan when touring military bases there with Intrigue. I would have to say playing original music live with my last group SHE were the most rewarding. To have people requesting songs the group wrote or helped write and liking your sound because of who you were and not who you sounded like.
Your musical influences
Even today I could not write a song if were not for John Lennon's song writing influence. Especially his words taught me how to turn a phrase or a metaphor to do my will of artistic expression. I learned to become an artist using words to paint a picture. Never was a good story teller, so I am now working harder on that craft with folk and bluegrass influences like Arlo Guthrie and Bob Dylan.
What equipment do you use?
Guitars: Takamine acoustic, Godin hallow body. Equipment: Yamaha So3 synth, Alesis SR16 drum machine, CuBase recording software, PreSonus USB 96 external soundcard and a Lenovo Computer with gaming graphics and sound cards.
Anything else?
In all things to greater glory of God and to His purpose all things.
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