Dark mode
Ethereal sound scapes set against cohesive ambient movement, coinhabiting space and time by soulful rythums and marked by heartful beats.
14 songs
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Broardcasters Dream A-1
BD Series - (A) series, non- beat. (B) series, with beat. Both series are short (under 2min)ambient, concordantly active, harmonically wealthy soundscapes in full range frequency pallet. Ready to cut and serve.
Lone Journey
Magnificent rhythm, ambient, dream horns, rich warm Bass & an earthy groove take you on your own mysterious - Lone Journey
Sirens of Solice
A one & a half minute journey carries you through a sullen soundscape into an inviting place of mytery and mirth. Where dwells a pleasurable mix of Spanish flavored guitars and Angelic voices. Set to a dance worthy groove. You genuinely will feel as
A Mysterious World
A luxurious interplay of harmonic ambient sounds, form a world in your mind of spacial dimension and beauty, and takes you on an odyssey of tangible verve and pleasure.
Trouble All Around
Carries you into an environment of conflict, embattlement and subsequint resolution.
13 songs
Like many creative people, my childhood dream of getting the sounds, modulated rythums and movement of sound, which throughout my life has resonated within my mind, out into the open for others to hear, explore and enjoy, eluded me for many years. My life was fraught to angst and turmoil. I ended up homeless, hungry and alone. Through the course of recovery I embarked upon a path of spiritual awakening. A path which has taken me across our nation and remote places throughout the world. I now own all that a possess, my home, vehical and all, and live a life free from debt. In 2003 I invested in the construction and furnishing of an Art & Recording Studio, and set out to capature that previously lost dream. Last year, I quit my lucrative professional career in the Insurance Industry, and began the process that getting my work out to the people. What you will find here, in my work, is the colmination of my lifes experience and the realization of that once lost dream.
Band/artist history
IF - is just one man, making the music of many. I studied Classical Guitar in my youth and became a Drummer in my teens, part of an great band for a season. Years latter I trained under top-professionals in live sound reenforcement as well as studio recording and mix down. IF began as previously stated, in 2003.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not as of yet, but own the equiptment and possess capability to do so.
Your musical influences
Life, experience in the spiritual world and the sounds in my head are all the influence I need.
What equipment do you use?
A midi keyboard plugged into a box filled with a world of possibilities. It is astonishing what one man might accomplish in our day.
Anything else?
My work is pure art. I am an explorer of the mysteries of the Universe we occupy, the music I produce is the result of that exploration, and will not fit neatly into any one genre or catagory. However, people who would never have otherwise listen to or enjoy Techno/Eletronica, all find something of interest in my work. --- My 10 year goal is to create for the movies, to Direct.
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