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Rags to riches (NO)
Rags to riches (NO)
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Inspired by music made in the 70ths, with vocal harmonies, guitar harmonies and progressive/symphonic elements.
Seize the moment
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Diamond on a ring
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Fire in the sky
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Guardians of the light
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Touch of an angel
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Songs from our album "Picking up the pieces" (2007) Unsigned. Location: Norway Bjørn Nilsen: Guitars and vocals Øyvind Wang: Bass and vocals Øystein Aarnes: Guitars, keyboards and vocals Ole J. Haakonsen: Drums The music and lyrics have been composed and written by "Rags to riches". Inspired by bands and artists like: Jimmy Hendrix, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Kizz Genesis, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin.....and by more recent music like: MUSE, Radiohead, Wolfmother... We love to play and compose our own music. The band orginally called Black Pearl, was reformed in 2005 with two new members and renamed Rags to riches. Our first and only album is called "Picking up the pieces".
Band/artist history
Rags to riches is a 4 piece rock band from Norway. Age 28 to 42. The band was orginal called Black Pearl. In 2005 it got two new members and was renamed to Rags to riches. Some of their songs are made back when called Black Pearl, but they have made a lot of new songs since then. The members have different musical background, which make their songs orginale. Rags to riches believe they have not made their best songs yet, because they allways try to make things better. They don't believe in putting music into genres.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we play live and we love it. It's mostly at clubs around here where we live (Skien, Norway). We remember well our release gig in March this year. Lots of people and we played well.
Your musical influences
All the members in Rags to riches are inspired by music made in the 70ths. Musical influences: Pink Floyd, Jimmy Hendrix, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Genesis. They also listen to more new artists like: MUSE, Radiohead, Wolfmother. The most important thing for Rags to riches, is to make good melodies. All the members are satisfied when a song has a good melody and some interesting progressive/symphonic elements, vocal harmonies, guitar harmonies..
What equipment do you use?
Solid stuff.......
Anything else?
Platinum blue music intelligence has analysed our song Seize the moment. Seize The Moment
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