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Proph It (Blessed MC)
Proph It (Blessed MC)
4 Tracks
Spiritual Rap, Positive Vibes, Hip-Hop, Conscious Music
PHEEL (Owed 2 God - Part 2)
FAITHOLOGY (Owed 2 God - Part 1)
mine straight out of my mind, through Inspiration so Divine I momentarily go blind and all I see are Words and Lines that I use to define our turbulent times... Is it a Sign that I'm Poetically Inclined to be More Spiritually Refined, or that I am one of the few who that Heaven is our Prelude and it is the Ultimate destination for ALL OF US to Conclude? I'm just Keepin it real Homey. The Sun is the the Center of Our Galaxy, but The Almighty Creator of All Elements is the Center Of the Universe that we ALL belong to. I worship One Supreme Entity, which/who over the time has been given many names: God, Dieu, Allah, Dios.... Each word is a TRANSLATION of the other, not a different God for Different People. I'm a staunch believer that you Do Not overcome ignorance with More Ignorance OR Injustice with More Injustice. Doing so does not resolve the conflict/dilemma/situation and only breeds vicious never-ending cylces of violence. You Overcome Tyranny by Standing UP for What's Right and Staying true to God to yourself and to the people. But the BEST POSSIBLE WAY to Overcome Oppression is to live by the examples set forth by The Holy Messengers sent to Mankind as a Sign of Mercy upon Mankind from The Graces of God. So, let us not forget that the Entire Line of Prophethood are All Wonderful Souls we must cherish and always look up to.... Peace Be Upon Them All.
Band/artist history
Too long... Wait for my Autobiography to come out in several years. But if I could give you a teazer, Ive gone through many hardships, tasted bitter defeat several times, but I never gave up on my dreams... and till the day I leave this earthly illusion, I will continue to believe in myself and represent for all of my people.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love performing live... I think most bands and artists would tell you that sometimes its nerve wracking, but once you on stage, and you Pheel that undescribable ENERGY, you forget everything and just let it Rip!!! Ive done several shows, but one thing I havent done is tour which is the next thing on my agenda.
Your musical influences
I like everything but I prefer Old School Hip-Hop
What equipment do you use?
My mind. My heart. My soul.
Anything else?
http://www.myspace.com/originalmoecash I know it says moecash... but it's my page.
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