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country cousins
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We write alot of Alan Jackson,Jimmy Buffet style music. Stop in and check us out. Thanks,Charlie and Tom
America Red White and Blue
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To Give You Praise
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'Faith Becomes Sight'
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The measure of a man
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Wanderin Wine
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Jesus is Born
hi there, yes we are cousins,the country cousins livin up here in the peaceful hills of central n.y. state.... and we love it! we've been writin country and country gospel for yrs. we are open to co-writing and helpin anyone we can musically. we have a ton of tunes, 6 cd's worth of finished demos, workin on many more. picture to the left is my producer and friend Tom Rasely and I writin another tune. check out our tunes and you can reach us at countrycousinsmusic@yahoo.com thanks and enjoy our music. charlie and tom
Band/artist history
We have done so many tunes. lately i became a pro member on Songramp, and i have many newer tunes posted there. check out: www.songramp.com ccmusic
Have you performed in front of an audience?
charlie:I write alot of country-gospel play and sing at my church. my heart belongs to the Lord JESUS about 35 yrs ago I had a bout with alcohol HE helped me overcome that...but alot of the stuff that happened back then stirred my country writin,so i write it how it used to be and how it is now. Tom: I write alot of sad songs! mostly old country soundin HANK, MERLE, GEORGE etc. I love em! alot of my tunes stem from divorce, and life's ups and downs i'll sing any where and do many times.
Your musical influences
our producer is a magician !! check him out at: http://www.rasely.com, another great help and fabulous talent... who does demos for us and is willing to help anyone is: kelly bucher you can reach her at http://www.angelfire.com/pro2/kelly_bucher/
What equipment do you use?
I play a little music on guitar, just enough to get a tune together, only use about 7 chords, but I send them to friends who have tremendous talent---they send me back magic and I usually give them a copyright on the song----it works out fine.
Anything else?
we wrote a song called "MY OLD BASEBALL CARDS" and were asked by...the hall of fame,in cooperstown,n.y. for permission to let them put it in their music files,which we were happy to do [talk about excited ! wow !]
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ROCAFELLA ERA [Buy 1 Get 4 Free]
The Way You Lose It
Send Me An Angel (Drake Sample Type Beat)
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