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Friendship Is The Fountain Of Youth
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Wouldn't It Be Wonderful
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Hi! I'm Jonnikhan! Glad to meet ya! Let me introduce you to the band: JONNIKHAN Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Lead Vocals, Primary Percussion and Keyboard. All instrumentation on Outworlder. T-BASS Bassist on all songs except Outworlder.
Band/artist history
As a guitarist I have ventured into the world of playing in various bands throughout my playing career. Wouldn't It Be Wonderful represents my first solo album, although I am joined by my good friend and bass player T-Bass. I never met another musician who influenced my playing as did T-Bass, an extraordinary bassist. Together we have created an alternative blend of music in a joint project we call Synergetx; to be released soon. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Wouldn't It Be Wonderful. New!!! I have included most of my second album, Outworlder, to my music lineup. I am quite sure this album will sound a chord or two with many people. I have included the lyrics and general story line for each song on my music page, so join in! Should I get a positive response, I will make the songs available for digital download. You can now purchase the album Wouldn't It Be Wonderful digitally here at Soundclick, or at this fine online retail site: Now available on iTunes! Special thanks to: - All my good friends for hanging with me through thick and thin. You know who you are. - My audience, for taking the time to visit and listen. If you leave a comment, I want to thank you again personally.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not on a regular basis. Every now and then I perform, sometimes solo and sometimes with T-Bass. Personally, I love performing in front of an enthusiastic crowd. My last solo performance was at a benefit talent show for the homeless where I performed a song I wrote called "Let Me" and I was surprised at the positive response. A very special moment indeed. Below is a video from one of my practice sessions. The song I'm performing is The Veteran.
Your musical influences
I'm self taught, so I developed my own "style" of playing. I have many mentors, such as John Lennon, George Harrison, Roy Orbisson, Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Carlos Santana and on and on and on. I'm into making music with a message for all of the many peoples of this beautiful planet. Peace!
What equipment do you use?
I record my music using a MacIntosh G5 PowerMac which utilizes Garageband songwriting software. The percussion and accompanying instrumentation are accomplished on a Yamaha keyboard. I currently own three guitars; Anne (my strat), Elizabeth (my 12-string Ovation Balladeer), and Martina (my Martin acoustic/electric) and you'll hear all of them on the album.
Anything else?
I would like my audience to pay particular attention to the lyrics of the songs you hear. Every song is true in some sense of the word. I hope that you like what you hear and will spend a moment to give your comments and input. Also, for those of you who are fellow artists, I recommend this site below as a great means of promotion: Check out one of my mentors, Robin Trower. Keep on rockin' Robin!
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