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Ecko Quest 760
Ecko Quest 760
1 Track
Only for the love of composing. Music is life, and it speaks to me.
Bubble Gum Music.
What can I say, it's been more than 15+ yrs making music underground and they finally got me for copyright infringement charges. Thus the reason for a NOW empty page with no music or links. Thanks soundclick. Luckily I stayed on the charts in the top 100 in certain genres let alone top 25 and sometimes top 10 out of 150+ songs I've uploaded. Either way...it was fun and a learning experience. I am now on standby back to my original phase off the grid and live only. Good luck on your journey.
Band/artist history
I stand before most of you, with an offer of insight.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I promote an artist by the name of Young B, aka Boss Yung from the Imperial Valley. Since day 1 about a decade+ ago i met him. On a mission and never giving up for the love of music. Never sold himself out as well and never forgot where he came from. Big ups G if you ever find this Easter Egg. You will soon land that dream of yours.
Your musical influences
My influence are those who innovate, inspire to motivate a movement for personal and minority wealth. To good health and even a happy lifestyle.
What equipment do you use?
From the top of the dome i use My Brain, somenoodles , heavy hearts and soul.
Anything else?
Always create an archive for a personal record to store. These types of pages don't care about you/us. One last thing.....take a random person out to eat lunch or dinner. Ask them to do the same with someone else with the same request. Lets Keep that movement moving. -Audieu, Respectfully...... completed.