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Speed Of Life
Speed Of Life
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Neo-Spiritual Political, Sexy Rock music. 2 years of hard work from 4 of New York's best musicians who merged Rock, Ambient, Progressive, Fusion & Drum and Bass
Epic Rock Songwritng, live drum and bass, progressive rock, fusion in the tradition of the greats - U2, Zep, Pink Floyd, Jane's Addiction, Yes, AIC, David Bowie, Genesis, Rush....
Band/artist history
Speed Of Life is a band with integrity. Since 2001 they have been making music on their own terms. This New York based band prides itself on its musicianship and creative integration of multiple genres. While Speed of Life uses Rock songwriting as a format, to describe them merely as such is limiting. In their music you will hear elements of live drum and bass, progressive rock, fusion, ambient, electronic and even reggae. In 2004 the band released their debut album âœMainstayâ쳌. Over 160 college and commercial radio stations put âœMainstayâ쳌 into regular rotation in the spring of 2005. In January of 2007 Speed Of Life released their follow up a CD âœCatalystâ쳌 and embarked on a 2-month cross-country US tour. Whereas âœMainstayâ쳌 had a definitive feel throughout, the new material expands on the cross genre experimentation while keeping strong songwriting at the essence. You will hear elements of acoustic ballads, Latin inspired riffs and atmospheric soundscapes as well as the hard rock and drum + bass âœMainstayâ쳌 had to offer. A Speed of Life show is truly an experience. Between the awesome musicianship and the epic songwriting, each song is a journey inviting the listener to stop in their tracks and absorb what is being offered. It is conscious music, both personal and political. John Zay is the soaring vocalist atop a driving guitar. Drummers Tobias Ralph and Andrew Frawley are groove master extraordinaires, hitting the drums with conviction and finesse incorporating eclectic rhythms. New member Dan Policar adds spacious keyboards that create ambient atmospherics. Taylor BC constructs memorable melodies on bass while being the anchor that glues the elements together.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live all over the country. NYC has been our home but since we've started touring this year Montana has been a fun stop. Best moment: small club in Oakland Park Florida, everyones eyes completely focused on our show - the best compliment to an artist.
Your musical influences
U2, Jane's Addiction, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Filter, Alice in Chains, LTJ Bukem,Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, The Police, Seal, Filter, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Masive attack,
What equipment do you use?
PRS guitars, Fender telecaster, Koch amps, Boss dd-3 delay, Fulltone Deja-vibe,